Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I conceived my sunny Sun during, or rather, despite Euro 2004. And for reasons unknown to me, I got SO taken by one player, Erik Edman. And so I told Yamtuan, that the baby I was carrying would be a boy and he would be named Edman. Don’t care one. And no sane person would argue with a big bellied lady because when we are big in size, we become uh, delicate and our heart gets ‘small’ easily.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I present to you, Erik Edman!

Later during ultrasounds, Dr Suhaimi exclaimed, ‘definitely a boy, tolobosa can see!’ and I was happy happy because it would otherwise be awkward to name a girl Edman.

Unlike the first pregnancy, carrying him was no easy task. They said I have ‘placenta praevia major’ and so had to be very careful and treated very delicately. The first made my life difficult, the latter made Yamtuan’s life difficult. I could run up and down the stairs all throughout my first pregnancy, I went swimming in PD even when I have reached full term. Fit as a fiddle, strong as a horse. Carrying Edman was an exact opposite. And o-my he was such a boisterous lad. His kicks were painful and his jabs were excruciating and he was heavy too.

At 28 weeks, I bled and so was rushed to hospital. Bed-rest was prescribed and so I ‘changed’ my address and became a ‘resident’ at the ward. I must have read millions of novels, at one point I even borrowed the MO’s text book on obstetrics and gynaecology. It was this really thick and heavy book full of horror ‘stories’. The book was soon ‘confiscated’ by an ObGyn specialist because she said it would only give me unnecessary anxieties. And worrying was not something good for my ‘condition’.

I wrote pages and pages for Edman and I did my ‘rounds’ in the ward, helping new moms in labor or even teaching some how to breastfeed properly. Of course, this was not approved by the doctors. But I was bored!

But everyday I would pray that Edman would stay in me for as long as possible and needed. Having read the textbook, I could name so many ways thing could go wrong, mortality, morbidity etc should he be a pre-term baby. And thanks to the text book, I ate a lot! Because I wanted to make sure the baby would be born big. Bigger baby has better chance, or so I concluded. So I ate dutifully and binged on cheese and anything fatty (excuses!).

Early in the pregnancy, my wish list was a long one. That my baby would be a boy, with straight hair, round brown eyes, fair skin, bright and sunny, etc etc… As days passed by, especially during my hospital-stay, my wish list got shorter and shorter. I didn’t care whether he would be an Edman or not, or anything at all, all I wanted was the child to be born safely and that I would be bersyukur if he just could recognize me as the mother. Come what may, I would love the child just the same. His colour? Shape? Gender? IQ? All did not matter anymore. No matter what his imperfections would be, he would be perfect just the same, and I would be just as blessed because God chose me to be the baby’s mom.

On the morning on 29th November, I bled for the third time and it was pretty heavy. I was 32 weeks or 8 months.

And they wheeled me into the OT. I was given the spinal shot I think but OMG, it wasn’t enough! I could feel every cut!

Edman was taken out soon after. And they showed him to me with all his gooey glory and I saw his tolobosa and I kissed him and said my proper hi. He was of a good size, 2.5kg. He was red and angry and he was perfect too. Incubator all was not needed, thank God thank God.

The pain got worse after that as they had to deal with the messy and sticking placenta. I couldn’t cry out though and so I writhed and trashed myself and it was quite a while before somebody realized that maybe the anaes dosage wasn’t enough. And so they gassed me. And when consciousness slowly came back, I hoped and prayed that I would wake up in the recovery room but alas, I was still in the OT and they have not even closed me up yet! All throughout the ordeal I heard them discussing which open house they would go to after they were done with me! Boohooohooo! I could go on and on describing the pain but that would bore me too.

Because it was hari Raya and after looking at his so melayu colour we sorta shy-shy to name him Edman, so we put Eidman insted. It also made it easier to explain to our mothers why his name so perasan like that. Nama hari raya kan?

Anyways, the gooey eidman baby had his harijadi yang ke-1 yesterday.

At 1 year old, the Sun has 4 teeth, is attempting to stand unsupported and his first words (to my disappointment) are 'kakak' and 'abah'. He is roundish like Bob Parr or Mr Incredible.

His hair is very fine, so fine that if you sniff his head the hair would be inhaled into your nostrils. And it is so curly wurly. Some say his hair is like that of Samy Vellu’s – heavy here, not much there. Some say like P.Ramlee’s.

His skin is very tanned (a nicer way to say it than just ‘gelap’).

His eyes are round and lashes long and very curled too.

And his two upper front teeth are REAL big. And he doesn’t smile, he grins.

I looked at him yesterday and I know now where I have gone wrong. He is no Edman of Hotspurs.

He is Ronaldinho of Barcelona.

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Never mind.

Monday, November 21, 2005

XM Fever!!

Are the exams over yet? SPM?

I know the universities are still pretty much under curfew. Decent looking young humanlings are walking around in daze and so tensed you can pluck them strings and make angry music and they wont even realize it.

Oooh I just love the exams! As a student in secondary school I was too busy playing to remember much about the exams. I remember that I did super-badly in Physics and my Add Maths was stuff made for horror movies.

For some reasons I always do well in the second year of anything, my worstwill be in the third year and then things will start picking up after that.


Standard 1, I was first in class every term. Standard 2, I was nombor belas belas. Standard 3 onwards, stabilise at top three (this I exaggerate of course).

Form 1, okay okay okay. Form 2, failed in Maths or Bahasa I cant remember so overall grade was S (or something as bad, F? Cant remember). Form 3 onwards okay again.

ITM Part 1, I almost made it to the dean’s list. Part 2, I almost made it to the black list, so bad was the results! It still gives me the shivers!
Part 3 onwards okay again.

The trend continued throughout UTM and UM.

My marriage was all roses without the thorns in the first year. Second year was a bit thorny but there were roses just the same which is perfectly normal isn’t it? I expected a bed of thorns but it didn’t happen. So maybe the spell has finally been broken?

Exam weeks are weeks you will find me at my most serabut. I will not walk, I run. Because every minute matters. So, go toilet, I run. Go eat, if I eat at all, I will run. I do everything, ‘on the run’. I also will not talk to anyone. You want to tell me anything, aiyah.. pay lah since my time is so precious. There was this one time, I wasn’t told that the exam schedule was changed. Why, because of my temporary-reclusivity. You must undertand, I only spend the final few weeks studying, thus why the haste to cram everything into my peanut-sized brain all at once. Not an easy job, I promise you. Especially since my brain is not very inflatable. My skin is, though.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
But despite the serabut-ness exams will make me, I always go to exam halls all glittering and made up nicely. I will be at my best-looking. No jeans and t-shirt for me, oh-no. I will wear my best baju kurung with face and hair all done up real nicely. ‘The better you look, the better you will feel’ is a slogan I saw on the bag of one Zuhaini, a girl I knew from schooldays who was the first girl to ‘come of age’. I was 13, I got impressed rather easily at that age and so was very inspired by her motto! Ha ha..so I always dress to kill for exams. The more death I caused, the better!

And and… I must always sit at tables with number nine. There must be the lucky number or I would not do well. Table number 27 is still okay because 2 + 7 makes 9. So will tables 54 and 18, geddit? If the paper falls on a date with number nine, OMG, I will score big time! Why I think 9 is my lucky number is a mystery to me too.

Ohhh, I miss exams. Maybe I will register for SPM again next year. But maybe only after i graduate from Driving School.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Keyword Search

I went through my stat-counter today and found out that most people come across my page when they search for Hana Kirana! Looking at the trend I feel I should charge her royalty for each time my spot is used by her fans. Ya? So, if you are looking for Hana Kirana, click here.

1. hana kirana (23.08%)
2. anakikan (15.38%)
3. what to wear on a blind date (7.69%)
4. ice baby malaysia, syabu (7.69%)
5. adat pepatih (7.69%)
6. selamat hari raya kad contoh (7.69%)
7. gambar kad hari raya (7.69%)
8. bahagian ucapan hari raya tv3 (7.69%)
9. yamtuan (7.69%)
10.sepet ii (7.69%)

And maybe I should start my own training program on what to wear on a blind date. Module One will be What to Wear when your Date is Blind. Yamtuan is colour blind you see. I remember the hurt I felt when on our engagement day he told me, ‘oh yayang, you look so beautiful in green’. I was wearing brown.

As for the query, ‘ice baby Malaysia, syabu’ now that is pretty scary. I know I am Malaysia’s number one babe, but I thought I have been careful in concealing my identity. Truth is, i am not even a shortie (hahahaha...). Free advise - dont believe everything you read.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Syabu? No the only ‘drugs’ I dig is panadol itu pun panadol with cherry flavour, okay?

Anakikan? No no, I am not a young boy interested in boys. No. I am very female I promise you. Do I like young boys? Well, who doesnt? Not in THAT way though.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am updating this spot because the BlogPatrol has been throwing dirty and suggestive looks at me of late. Officer Ananda, tolong lah Latok, i so busy can die standing! You dont phunk with me okay? Really, I am busy zoning out (whatever that means).

I dont have Raya stories to tell, because like last year, i celebrated it at the hospital. Last year Putrajaya, this year GHKL. Last year for breakfast they gave kuah lodeh, sambal kacang and a few nasi impit. And i did my sembahyang raya on the cold hospital floor. This year was better. I cooked rendang emergency (no kelapa so no kerisik, santan i only got the fat-free no cholesterol type, and no daun pewangi (daun kunyit or daun limau) mana sedap!), and my kuah lodeh tadak fucuk tahu or tempe. And my kuah kacang tadak kacang.. oh wait a minute, that makes no kuah kacang at all! Why because i did my shopping the night before raya. We were hoping to the last minute that mak would be okay, enough to be given 'cuti'. But alas, that didnt happen.

After breakfast, i dressed Dot in her last year's baju kurung raya and Sun in his new "little monster" rompers (and then wondered why he was behaving like such a little monster!). I myself put on the baju kurung - now listen and be impressed - that i bought for my convocation manymany donkeydogalltheanimals inthezoo years ago, the pre-historic time, before Yamtuan before the children. And HAH! Be very green, people, it FIT! Haw haw haw..... ooohlala...! But WAIT SEMINIT.... that was on the first day of raya. Dont ask me my weight today okay? After I baling kasut at you.

Brought my emergency raya dishes to hospital. Waited for tv3 ka, rtm ka, menteri ka, royals ka to come but no.... bilalah i nak masuk tv? Boohoohoo...

That was Raya lah. My bro and my sis were at the hospital too.

Later in the night, Yamtuan, me and the kids left to Kuala Pilah. Had breakfast of lontong and PROPER rendang and lodeh and teleported ourselves back to KL.

By the way, I think the greatest invention in the whole world ever is pantyliners. And no, I don’t care to elaborate why.

Maya came over GH yesterday. I was there with Yamtuan and my bro (Thanks for visiting my mom, Maya!) She is now convinced that, judging from our size, we dont need to live in a house, a box is adequate. Where can, i ask you!

They have amputated my mom higher up, mid calf or they call it BKA (Below Knee Amputation). Surprisingly, my mother seems almost happy that they have cut her there. She seems relieved. She’s happy, I am happy.

I am going to register for driving school today. Yey! So I need new school bag, pencil case and raincoat.

Oh, I have found a song titled ‘Mummy Minta Seringgit’ by Boboy and Rudy. The kids wanted seringgit to buy chocolates. It's awfully cute.

I noticed that people working in Ampang Point will cross over to City Square for lunch while those at City Square come to Ampang Point.

This is what Dilbert’s Scott Adams think about blogging,
People who are trying to decide whether to create a blog or not go through a thought process much like this:
1. The world sure needs more of ME.
2. Maybe I’ll shout more often so that people nearby can experience the joy of knowing my thoughts.
3. No, wait, shouting looks too crazy.
4. I know – I’ll write down my daily thoughts and badger people to read them.
5. If only there was a description for this process that doesn’t involve the words egomaniac or unnecessary.
6. What? It’s called a blog? I’m there!

The blogger’s philosophy goes something like this:
Everything that I think about is more fascinating than the crap in your head. The beauty of blogging, as compared to writing a book, is that no editor will be interfering with my random spelling and grammar, my complete disregard for the facts, and my wandering sentences that seem to go on and on and never end so that you feel like you need to take a breath and clear your head before you can even consider making it to the end of the sentence that probably didn’t need to be written anyhoo.

~ Taken from Dilbert Newsletter 61.0, "A Little Ray of Bitter Sunshine" October 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

RALAT (Grumble... grumble..)
It is Ampunk Park to City Square NOT Ampang Point.

RALAT II (Beyond grumbling..)
It is Ampunk Park to Ampunk Plaza