Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That THING you be

I remember how clever I thought The Thing was. I was 13 and watched the movie together with friends in the tv room of the hostel. Oh how we screamed and hugged each other! I thought the ingredients of the movie were perfect - a group of people confined in a remote sterile area, and an alien who could have been any one of them. Cabin fever, paranoia, distrust, fear, panic - enough elements to make the thriller a thrill. I absolutely love it.

The Thing is now remade, but the scene is still that of Antartic of 1982. The gloom and doom remain. The ingredients that make it perfect then are still used. Combined with technology and better sound system, oh-my, it made me all 13 again! But instead of the tv room, I watched it at Cineplex with Yamtuan. The audience were mainly youngsters, college kids that I am sure were watching The Thing for the first time. Hah! Instead of screaming away silly, I closed my ears instead. That always helped in preventing a scream from coming out.

I am ten days away from D-day. And after arrival of the wee one, I would no longer be able to go to a cinema, at least for two years. The Thing was a perfect way, the perfect movie to watch, before I say aloha to dirty-diapers days. Haha, I had fun. Can now go into confinement in peace.