Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Weight of a Straw

i tendered in my resignation today.

Have i really thought things through? Not really. But i am not the breadwinner in the family, and as such, impulsive behaviors can be accepted. In the letter, i did not state why because i don't have one good reason why i must leave, i have plenty, or do i?

As per the norm, i submitted the notice to CEO, cc-ed to my immediate superior and the Human Resource Dept's head.

The HR called me immediately. She laughed and i laughed. She asked me whether i have received an offer that i couldn't resist. No, no offer. In fact, i have not even been looking. So why? Are you angry at anything anyone? Did i sound angry in my email, i asked her. No she said. Then i am not angry.

Her call got me thinking the kind of questions that i would ask if i were her.

A camel can take a lot of weight on its back. Infinite number of straw (and a nomad and his herd of goats and an eager pilgrim too perhaps). So why is it that one extra straw can cause the camel's back to break? Focusing on that straw which broke this camel's back is wrong. It is not the entire picture. I can easily tell her about the straw. There was this meeting i attended today that totally frustrated me - it was absurd and impossible, i didn't get the support i needed when i needed it the most. But despite all that, the whole episode is just one blooming straw. On its own, it wouldn't have broken my back. Comparatively, i have taken worse belting before, that was certainly not the worst. Nope. It is never that one piece of straw, it is the total accumulated straws (and a nomad and that eager pilgrim with pointy camera).

So why did i quit?

Now that i have in fact quit, now that the camel is broken and of no use, i will have the time to rummage through the load (including the pilgrim's camera) that once presided over its back and figure out why ;)


Blogger Uncle said...

Ah! At let's do lunch! We can talk about the straw and the pilgrim or something else...

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, took the big step forward....horay...for you...that took guts....
Queen Mummy

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now can I pass you my offer letter?

Your Boss Wannabe

8:39 AM  

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