Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookie Mission

We had an impossible mission yesterday at Gigglytown. Yep, cookie baking class for kids. One concerned citizen actually remarked that dough and kids are both element of chaos that must never be put together. Since I believe in the impossible, (including fairies, Michael Jackson and the Enchanted Forest), stubborn me had the session anyway.

The first kid to arrive was a 9-year old boy who complained that he was never allowed to break eggs at home. Aaaah…., what 'foolish' parents kept the wonders of egg-breaking from their kids?

Other kids started to arrive after that, from as young as six to a ‘mature’ nine. Tiga was underaged but by default, she participated as well.

The kids were taught to weigh flour and sugar, then how to sieve flour without shaking their butts (another impossible mission) and the much awaited part, break an egg. Only one egg per mix, I said, but many many many eggs went humpty-dumptying to the King's horror!

They were then asked to mix the ingredients together - eggs, butter, flour, oat, cornflakes and sugar. Owh, you should see their faces! If the ingredients were alive, they would have been dead many times over! There were three in a group, so imagine three pairs of hands in the mixing bowl! And buttery mess from their head to their toes and to the floor too! Such glorious happy mess!! In kneading the dough, two eager chefs actually fell off from their chair. Sigh…

When it was time to roll the dough, some rolling-pin fights ensued – which proved the theory that kids can make swords from almost anything! Shapes were then made and decorated – many tubes of coloring gel, glitters and stars and heart shaped sugar fell victim to the onslaught of the little chefs.

The heavily decorated cookies were then subjected to vicious heat treatment. While waiting, the kids romped around the centre and declared war against each other. The cookies were ready by the time the parents arrived.

My heart went out to the parents as they were forced to eat cookies after cookies by their kids. Aaah... the things kids subject their parents to! Sedap sangat kan, the kids demanded for approval. Yes, the parents meekly agreed but later whispered to me, SALTY! No wonder, i said to myself knowing how much sweat were actually put in in each cookie!

Sigh.... mission completion.