Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007 as i intend it to be

It is today the 19th day of 2007 and I have yet to declare my resolutions.

This I must do so I get the necessary push and cajoles not from anyone else but from myself. Until the resolutions are carved in stone, they would not pressure me much. This is my batu bersurat now and here i shall carve my 2007 niat.

So allow me.

But progress report first.

Last year resolution was to get a driver’s licence. An .. ehem, career woman like me NEED a driver’s license. Thing is I couldn’t drive but I lied during the interview. I said I could drive, only my being on-the road has not received endorsement and certification from JPJ, so getting a license should be easy-peasy. They believed my lie and I got the job.

I said and announced here last year that I would register for the lessons and get the license within the year.

Alas, this did not happen. Head hung low, I admit that I have not even gone to any school to register. Shame on me. Shame shame shame. And to set the record, since I have come clean now, let me tell you that none of the massive traffic jams last year were caused by me. Not a single one. And I have not contributed to the rise in greenhouse gases or participated directly or indirectly in the meltings of the ice caps north or south, nor did I become a party of the weird weather and massive floodings in Johor. No. I am glad we have that clarified.

But maybe this year.

Now for 2007, my priority have shifted. It will be family and health. I refuse to be so bogged down by work anymore. Dot told me how she couldn’t wait to grow up so she could go to office with me and spent time with me the whole day. Last year, I was a fulltime part-time mother. This year i aim to be a fulltime working mother.

And I aim to live a healthier lifestyle too. Towards the end of last year, I was beginning to get nauseous at work, incessant headaches, pressing throbbing pain around the neck and numbness in my left arm. I blame my preoccupation with work for that. I was too stressed out, I was running choo-choo around at full steam and maximum load. Even during downtime or supposedly maintenance days (weekends) I would still be chugging around loaded with work. This year, I intend to ‘get a life’.

I have registered myself at the gym and have been spending on average half an hour a day there since. So far so good, this tahi ayam has maintained its warmth for the third week now.

I tell you it isn’t easy. When I first started, colleagues all could not wait to see when the drive will stop, the heat wane off. After three weeks, they now commented,’ takdak perubahan pun!’. Sigh… Dont they know that i couldnt grow tall in 3 weeks? Give me time and i will tumbesar properly and grow my ideal height. This people!

I have more time now for the kids and Yamtuan.

Dot turned four last week. I have registered her to a kindie nearby the nursery that she and her bro goes to. It is supposed to be an English-medium kindie. After the first few days there, she came back excited that she could now speak, not English but Chinese. Okay, speak Chinese to me, I said. And what came out sounded very Indian. It is still a second language, so never mind. Truth is, the teachers there are all Indians and most of her classmates are Indian too. Wouldn’t it be great if Dot could one day speak Indian AND Chinese on top of English and BM? Add in another one language and she could be a Munshi!

Since she has started school, so has my morning motherly duties. I wake up earlier than usual now, to prepare breakfast and her tapau-pack. It makes me feel more like a mother. I pack her bag and then Sun’s bag too. And then I pack Yamtuan’s gym bag and then mine. We all have knapsacks now. I have gotten rid of my serious office bags. I don’t even carry a handbag anymore. Gone is the corporate image that I never had, hehe..

So that is it. I strive to balance my life. Family and health are priorities, everything else comes tenth.
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