Friday, October 16, 2009

Selling - Lie Vs Die


A female customer sashayed into the Levi’s store. Rummaged through the many racks of many styles of the jeans. Found one style that she particularly liked. The right blue, the right cut. Not super-super low (stomach where to put?), not slim-fit either (more like fit with an ‘a’ in palce of ‘I’), and no tacky bling-blings (too old for shineshine). The jeans are perfect for her shape and style.
Happy with the gem she discovered, but couldn’t find the size that she wanted.

‘Excuse me,’ she nudged a salesman.. salesboy may be a better term to use.

‘Do you have this in waist size 28?’
He looked her up and down, eyes lingered at her waist a few seconds too long than necessary and replied OUT LOUD.

‘You sure ah? You look like you are a 31.’

She ended up not buying anything from the store. Never mind if her waist size was really 31.

Will she go there again? NEVER. Vomit blood.

La Senza

A customer waddled in the la Senza looking for a nightwear. Not too sexy lest her kids would be horrified, not too boring either or the husband would mistake her for his grandmother.

Found one Betty Boop set. Had ‘tease me’ on the front – perfect for the husband, but decent and cute enough to get approvals from the kids.

‘Is this ‘free size’?’ she asked the salesgirl.

‘No, it comes in various sizes. We have from XS to XL’

‘Let me try your M’ the customer said. She was really an L, but she did skip lunch earlier and went to the loo twice in the last hour. At that particular moment, she probably was an M (harapan).

‘You M? No way. Try the XS’ the salesgirl offered. Maybe we should call her ‘saleslady’ instead, no?

She ended up buying an M (a bit tight though, but never mind).

Will she go there again? You bet!

DISCLAIMER: Both cases may not necessarily be me.