Friday, February 19, 2010


I hate the way Facebook distracts bloggers away from their dashboard. I loathe it when fine writers are reduced to writing mere one-liners. No more can i get the illusion of knowing someone very well through reading their diary-like entries. Gone are the days when i get all teary eyed when a blogger bares all. Now all i get is embarassment when someone bares it all at FB (I so do not need to see your best pose in spandex-boxer shorts, okay?).

i am glad for the few bloggers who remain faithful to their blogs, like Kak Teh, Tuang AG, Ely, Nazrah, Dr.House, Mak Andeh, Ina, Esah Jolie. They are to me now like the blanket is to Fergie the Big Girl Who Doesnt Cry. I dont just read them with interest, i now read them for comfort. For reminding me of the days when Sentraal was highly populated and traffic was always busy with hoppers who jump from one station to the other. A lot of them has closed shop, some remains there as museums always do - contains artefacts, but void halls, silent rooms, no one's there anymore. There were days when bloggers visit a site in trouble, help soothe an Empty Heart, and get united in a good cause, like in Dr Buble's projects. And prayers were shared, strength gathered, for a blogger inflicted with cancer, or just lost a mom. Calls were placed from across the oceans when bombs exploded or the earth was flattened by an earthquake. Or a smile of understanding, when an article by a certain Hulaimy appeared in the newspaper. And how the whole community cheered with every crowning of a baby, or for any good news shared at all! I miss those days.

Call me a romantic for clinging on to the past. Call me silly for missing cyber buddies. I am all that and probably more.

I dont blog as often as before too. Busy living life, i guess, and in the process, missing life. No time to write the whole content of my heart out. No time to bloghop either. The many novels and books i have in my head, i have misplaced. Cant find them anymore.

let me sit here and reminisce over the golden years of blogging. While i am at it, i will update status and do walls at FB.

Birth of the Enterprise

Morning has broken.
Blackbirds have spoken.