Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Yam the Way I Yam

A bit of drama occured at my workplace a few days ago. I wont dwell into the boring details of the drama, only the boring aftermath.
As i discussed the matter with my boss, we talked about staff A and B and how 'A was just being A' and 'B being B of course is like that' etc.
Thinking back tho, it occured to me that all this talk about 'just being oneself' is actually a statement of resignation. It means we have given up on them, we dont think they'll change.
You see, A is moody. She picks and chooses assignments in accordance to her mood. Bos marah? Pedulikkan. Her mood rules. I said to her once that i think nobody should impose their mood on others. It isnt fair. Being professional means you stay objective and focused. She said, 'i am the way i am, office has to accept me the way i am'.
This isnt limited to the workplace. My sis-in-law scratches her butt in front of guests, males included in a kenduri while complaining outloud about her kurap. If you are above 50, the flora and fauna on your butt may be something the whole kampung wants to know. She is only 35. She farts away too. And so being the kepochi person that i am (cant help being me), i told her to tone it down a bit. She said, 'aku memang macam ni'.
It is one thing to maintain our individuality and refusal to change just to conform or to please others are something that i can respect. But what about 'improving'? Cant we 'change' so we can 'improve'? When we are resigned to the fact that 'i am the way i am', we wont ever improve, will we? If i am asked to be taller, i can say, 'i am the way i am, deal with it' because it is not something i have control over. Maybe my appearance will 'improve' if i were taller, but i cant kan?
To be prettier? Layers of makeup, a mask maybe can do the trick if the light is bad.
To be slimmer? I can go gym, starve myself and lose a kilo or two, can.
May not be easy but not impossible.
To be a better employee?
To be a better mother, a better daughter?
To be a better person?
Why not?

On another note, i believe TQM is but a subset of Islam.
The teaching includes the 5S and kaizen about being organised and clean, ISO 9000 for quality management and constant improvement, ISO 14000 forr environmental management, OSHA for safety at work, HALAL etc.

maybe i of all people should start looking at ways for self-improvement and stop being so very me, because 'me' is far from being eligible for any quality certification.