Monday, April 24, 2006


The 9th Malaysian Plan announced and immediately the avalanche it caused fell on my office. All over the country there were retreats and getaways, brainstormings (brainwashings?), debates and dialogues, discussions and deliberations etcetera etcetera. My office has been swept away and under and over with the torrential current. We work till almost midnight almost always and weekends have become a dirty word. All in the spirit of Malaysia Bisa.

Yes. Yes. Malaysia Bisa indeed.

We are still clambering underneath all the paperwork. Sometimes I do wonder about the world out there. Is it still 2006? Are my kids all grown up and married now? I sure hope I am not a grandmother yet although looking at the alarming speed of my hair turning silver (so fast tak sompek monyobut pisang (quoting Yamtuan)), I wouldn’t be surprised if my little family have propagated into many littler families. Gives me the shivers.

What is it like out there? What year is it now? Have they finally figured out how to clone humans yet? Clone me! So one Ood can go to office while the other Ood can stay at home with the babies. But make me slimmer, please. Give me beautiful genes and a bit extra height would be nice too (the Ood at home needs to clean up table tops sexily okay?). Oh have they sent man to Pluto yet? Is Sean Connery still drool-worthy? Is Barney still around and as annoying as I remember it to be? Can i slap his face already? Are there still rakyat here so poor they have to dine on snails and i dont mean escargot? Are there still fathers so desperate to save the life of one child (who needed correcting heart surgery urgently) that he had to auction off his other offspring (just so he could raise the funds)? Is Robbie Williams still pining for me, that poor sad sod? Have they made TV3 a wakil rakyat yet? Does it have a seat in the parliament with a simple placard infront of it saying ‘the wakil rakyat’? Well, we all know someone’s gotta do the job!

I sure do hope the end of the tunnel is near. Please oh please let me out of this mountain of papers soon. Before 2070 I hope. Before I turn 100 years old because I want to at least spend my centennial birthday celebration with Yamtuan. He would be 95 years old. Between one prune to the other, we would attempt to kiss and probably fall asleep in the process. Aahhh…

I have to go now. More trash to sift through, more dirt to shovel.

Funny, I remind myself of Dharma Initiative. You know, from LOST? You don’t? Oh. That was played on Astro back in 2006. What year is it now, again?

(Oh by the way, I just discovered that Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt was much much shorter than I am. Inspiring. I could be Queen too. Queen Audi TT.. )