Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Initial Oody

An ex-boss called me last Friday. This isn’t that ex-boss from hell who kept me on ice for saying no to his advances. No, this is the boss before that one – a lady professor.

I left the job soon after I gave birth to Dot, so that would be 5 years ago. The job added lines to my already-creased face, the hours were long, the deadlines were next to impossible, the boss was demanding and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I resigned because I was promised an opportunity to do PhD by the boss-from-hell (the PhD never materialised, but the good that came out of the years of being frozen was I had time for another child. Sun happened and he turned out better than a PhD).

The Lady Prof asked whether I could work for her again. Problem is, the workplace is in Kota Damanasara, quite a distance away and will be quite tricky for public transport user like me.

‘I thought you were getting your license 5 years ago?’ She said.


The thing is, Professor, I don’t plan to learn how to drive. How difficult can driving be? Teaching me how to drive will be like teaching a duck how to be Peking (.. a daunting task actually). It is drift driving that I want to learn and no driving schools seem to offer it. Yamtuan has already given the green light for me to do my hair like Fasha Sanda's. I look the part alright!

How? You think I should talk to Yusuf Haslam’s son? He’s not bad looking either – not that it matters, of course.



Blogger FiSHY@iKe said...

Hello, I saw your comment at Dr Bubbles page, and you said that girls don't fart. I'm not taking it seriously though but just wanted to share with you an interesting clip I got from youtube. Check it out.


Have a great day ya? Take care, ;D

5:40 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

hahaha...whatever lah..nak drift ke apa ke..go get yrself a license babes!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

hey anedra and oody, you know the only driving is do is drive people up the wall and round the bend . and you dont need license for that.

So oody - if you can into taxis and have meaningful conversations with taxi drivers (like the one we did) then, why not!

5:45 AM  
Blogger OOD said...


Cheh! The video only shows that girls fart only under extreme pressure!


orang mabuk musnt drive! Once i get my license, i will drive you around, ok?

i think once i get the license, if ever i get the license, i will be able to drive people up the wall and round the bend better kak teh. I already know a few bloggers here who practically begged me to warn them in advance so they will totally avoid the road.

taxi drivers? you still have a crush on him, ya? Cant forget him kan? the conversation was MIC-juicy, the back of his head was shiny.... hehe

5:52 PM  
Blogger AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Odd.. :-)

8:56 PM  
Blogger dith said...


Good to see you back. Kota Damansara you say? Hmm..mintak Jo Kontan jadi drebar! hehe

4:10 PM  
Blogger Tigress said...

Oodsie, I think, in my humble opinion, it would be best for you (and everyone around u) to test drive a go-kart. U get both the conventional and drift drive in one, and if u naik syeikh, u'll just bump into tyres. Very low impact (good for the face creases) n you don't have to give two hoots about left and right. Jom. I can cheer for u on the sidelines.. (pasal takut kena langgar). And what's this about an ex-boss who deep-froze u coz u rejected his advances? Yummy! More please.

8:19 PM  
Blogger JoKontan said...

Madam Ooody :

I hereby submit myself to be your drebar..

oops, Chauffeur.. :-)


Rates nii kira macamana ?.
By minutes ker or meters travelled?

12:12 AM  
Blogger shidah said...

apa kata pi beli kereta dulu. Nak tak nak lepas tu kena ambik lesen....

9:05 AM  
Blogger tajudin said...

itu gambar kereta apa ye... sure banyak laju...saya mesti makan asap punya kan kan

1:20 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

long time no see so saw! orang sampai dah jauh dari putrajaya dah ni hah... bilo eh nak lunch kek alamanda ntah. lutut dah ok yo... dah buleh buek breakdance yo?

dah ok dah! Jo jadi drebar? dia taukey.. mana boleh cemar duli!

at disneyland, there was this little cars thing meant for kids. the cars ran on monorel. with your foot you get to control the speed, and you have the steering wheel too. meant for kids, i must stress. adult supervision not necessary. very safe and very easy. how could i not be able to drive it kan? so i drove one. result? massive traffic jam! i could hear the pre-schoolers behind me all muttered

and you think i should try go-kart?

bro jo,
boleh! boleh! gaji mengikut kelulusan. dulu ambik lesen kat academy mana? berapa cgpa?

why dont you prsent me a car? kancil pon ok. kaler gold! if you do, i promise you i will drive!
but, seriously with a he-he-he, your idea might work. i will work on yamtuan's subconscious on the 'buy-wife-a-car'.

kudin ms,
tu kereta meniaga taufoofa! laju tu, bedesup peginya. main kat bukit putus sedap tu.

7:10 PM  
Blogger MA & Brood said...

Ood :

First buy a car. Kancil pun alright, senang nak cilok err, parking. :P

Secondly, everyday practise gohed gostan kat depan rumah. Make sure line clear, no kids, kucing or tricycle in the driveway.

Thirdly, after agak-agak dah confident pegang steering - I suggest you pergi kat amusement arcade where they have the kereta racing tu with a pedal and steering wheel.

Give RM 10 worth of tokens to your kids to go play ketuk kepala alligator, while you practice your konar baring..!

That's what I told my friend yonks ago when she bought a car tapi takut nak ambil from the kedai sebab takut nak kena drive, sampai salesman kena call banyak kali for a whole month - Kak bila you mau ambil ini kereta??

Now dia dah jadi makcik rempit, you....!

Good luck!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

babe, u're a wonderful mom too! u and nazrah has inspired me to breastfeed suraya...sampai lah ke hari nih. now i tak tau camner nak wean budak nih...how???????? hahahaha....

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jokontan punya license tu from Arizona. Kira2 separuh kopi-O punya license.

When I could not get my driving license in the state where I studied; I went to Arizona to apply and took test drive and got my license pronto.

Howevever, since Jo drives like a turtle; you can be assured of your safety.



8:08 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

mak andeh,
the idea of me merempit doesnt ruffle you at all? Hmm...

You must know that i do take your suggestions seriously. One day, i will race you. Okay?

glad to hear that she's hooked on your boobs (easily, i am sure!). When mak wanted to wean me off, she cut the teats and claimed that cockroaches ate them. But that was weaning from the bottle. Cant jolly well cut off our teats, can we?

Bro KNA,
hehehe... Arizona and turtle-driving dont quite make a good combination ya? But hey, maybe i should go there to get MY licence too!

12:46 AM  

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