Monday, February 04, 2008

Beauty is Mask-Deep

The last time I had facial treatment was, errr… 15 years ago? I was still a student at UTM. But I gave tuition classes at Emkay Institute, and I gave home tuitions too. It just so happened that two of my students appeared on newspaper for acing their SPM. After that, many students from MINDEF all the way to Highland Towers wanted me to be their tuition teacher too. You see, the girls’ success were not due to me. They were bright to begin with and it so was easy-peasy tutoring them. But the parents were kind enough to help spread my business and so that was how I ended up as a student who could afford facial treatment. And an Electcoms pager too, no less! Those days, only contractors could afford ATUR handphones okay? A pager was gah enough.

But let me warn you, I could only afford facial treatments in Chow Kit. And only once every semester. It was cheap, at the most RM 35 per session. It was done at Mustika Ratu ka Ratu Ayu Solo ka, cant remember what center. But in Chow Kit lah.

One day, after my face was massaged, pimples squeezed (they shouldn’t have, but they did, and boy, I had loadssss of pimples back then, white heads, black heads segala heads), they spread some goo on my face. Masker, the girl said. Must wait for it to harden. Don’t move a muscle, don’t twitch, don’t smile, just try to nap, she said.

After the goo was applied, I heard a bit of commotion outside the shop. And then, in the shop too. Feet scurrying around and then silence. Absolute silence, perfect for naps. In my condition, eyes covered with gauze, and face to keep still or nanti-permanent-kedut, I stayed put and napped as advised.

I must have ‘napped’ for hours. It felt like hours and nobody came to check on me.

Restless, I called out for the girl. Nobody answered.

Worried, I sat up and peeled of the mask myself. All the lines i have today on my face, must be due to that action of cracking the mask off.

The shop was empty although the door was ajar. I looked at my watch, at least an hour had passed since they shut my eyes.

I walked outside and asked a passer-by.

‘kedai kena rush. Pekerja Indonesia tak ada permit, semua dah lari.’

Oh. Selamat RM35! Tapi nasib baik tak kena angkat sebagai bahan bukti.

And that was the last time i went there.

I am reminded of that episode from the facial treatment I had a few days back. My first after Chow Kit episode. Locally based international company. Very reputable. More than Rm35 per session. But I had my doubts just the same.

However, after the mask goo, the nap, THEY CAME BACK! Phew!


Blogger Zabs said...

Salam kenal OOD,
Datang ke sini dari drbubbles.
Tertarik dengan tulisan ini "All the lines i have today on my face, must be due to that action of cracking the mask off".
Sebab semua yang berlaku itu ada sebabnya, kalau tidak muka OOD menjadi licin sangat. Maaf gurau je!

8:35 PM  
Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Wow..those days..Ratu Solo all that Mustika Nyonya Meneer so reputable kan?

Count yr lucky star lah...nasib baik ekau tak dirampok maso tongah tido tu...

11:28 PM  
Blogger dith said...


How come you always encounter interesting episodes of things? Even when lying down for facial you would face with interesting upturns of events! As for me, facials are just mundane routines. That's why I stopped having them years ago, hehe

Wah, buat facial mahal kat mana tu? One of those centres yang guna all sorts of gadgets eh, lasers and what nots..:p. Any good?

p.s. kenapa yek, kalau kita picit jerawat sendiri tak boleh. Tapi the facial people boleh pulak?

12:45 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

heyho Zabs,

*groan* even from that miniscule sized pix in his blog, my lines are obvious ka? Aisey, kena top up another inch of make-up!

Hjh EJ,
takdo pekdah rompak do. Duit dalam poket cukup tambang yo.

You know mustika ratu have this pimple ointment/losyen called 'Mukjizat Tolak Jerawat'. Miracle in a bottle, beb!

the facial there expensive but it was given to me for free because the owner, a 66-year old datin insisted.

She likes me and thinks i can look like her if i use her products and go under the hands of her beauticians. I am not kidding. She actually said, she could improve my looks. So i could look like her. Have i mentioned that she is 66? Heheh..

Kita tak boleh pijit jerawat sendiri sebab kita tak ada sijil.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Tigress said...

Dear Ood,

In backdated order :
1. Movie's called Arthur, starring Dudley moore & Liza Minelli. Not exactly my era, not much of a movie either (rich boy-poor girl saga, minus hindustan dancing & snakes), but the song sure awakened some dead brain stems. Ehem indeed.

2. Bro-In-Law used to work in Perth & Adelaide, and is now a PR in Sydney. He should be more than capable to help. If not, siap dia balik KL nanti. Will provide contact details if U still need info.

3. U want free facials, I can accomodate you anytime. Plus massage, plus spa experience ala2 Putri Gunung Ledang, plus post-natal treatment - the works. In fact, the back massage for preggos are really Heavenly. Kid u not. Errr... sorry. Iklan mencelah sebentar. Again, will provide details if interested.

10:43 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

1) Liza Minelli is whoa.... ancient! I am still interested in the movie, soppy as it may be. Will look for Arthur!

2) Still in dire need of help on Australia. Will email you. Thankie!

3) i am looking for post-natal care. If you are in the biz, great, can be your customer. I checked your website but couldnt find details on it all. will email u on this too!


6:05 PM  
Blogger Tigress said...


Great! Prompt me (in my blog) when u've mailed, ya? Gmails tend to go unchecked all the time.. sebab tak happening langsung. And if u want the to-die-for massage for preggers tu... better be quick b4 u explode... hehe!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous anasalwa said...

That was hillarious. And those girls they took off without telling you, eh?

8:00 AM  

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