Thursday, February 28, 2008

one and four weeks to go.

I am 4 weeks away from delivery day.

My boss absolutely forbade me from delivering the baby before I deliver a few things for her. I have 26 agreements to draft, RM47,000,000 to disburse out and at least 10 proposals to prepare. Agreements must be signed, cheques issued out all before I can go off. And the ten proposals I must present to the meeting on 25 March. My appointment with surgical knives is 27 March! I have a few pregnant colleagues here and how I envy them that they can take 2 weeks of sick-leave before their due dates. I am huge, heavy, uncomfortable, ugly, clumsy… I wanna go off early too! Booohoooohooo…

I am kept so busy at work now that I haven’t the time to do much else. I have so much to do that I have resorted to running when the need to go to the loo or pantry could no longer be curbed. I owe my friend Candice the Florist some poems, and I must make appointment with Tigress before my due date, and I have been wanting to email Bro Jo’s contacts in Australia too. Semuanya tak sempat lagi!

And the election is coming soon and I have loads of things to say about it too! I mean, come on, it is after all only once in five years! These two weeks are like the mega hari raya for the country, where all things are made legal and halal, and all sorts of scandals are aired for public viewing! Syoh! Who is sleeping with thisthat’s wife lah, who’s making money from duit rakyat lah… all sorts! Why watch Samarinda when you have real soap playing right before your eyes, starring big guns of the country too! Oooohhh… how I itch and yearn to be telepathised to the internet and have the laptop (more like tummytop now) permanently attached to me so I have access to the juicy dramas 247!

Maybe I can steal time a teenie bit more now (boss is outstation! Yey!). Cannot tahan lah.

You know PAS claims to have said that if it is given the mandate to rule, it’ll allow ‘peace demonstration’. And the mainstream media reported PAS as saying that it will allow ‘street demonstration’ instead? There is a huge difference between the two.

However, I don’t quite care exactly what was said, ‘peace’ or ‘street’. I kind of like the idea, really. There is eco-tourism, health-tourism, why cant we have ‘demo-tourism’? Think about it. We can advertise Malaysia as the place to do demonstration. Say people in Jamaica or America is unhappy with their government, for whatever reason, they can come here and stage their demonstration right here. At Dataran Merdeka? Infront the Parliament itself? KLCC? Can! We’ll offer them a few packages too, violent-demo, or peaceful-demo? Accomodation you want open air or you want tents? You can have the prison too. And do you need aid? We have professional instigators and riot-police. Guaranteed to make a huge impact, the world will pay attention!

Think how that can help put the country in the world map. Aren’t we always obsessed with superlatives? We can have the biggest demo ever, or the most bloodied or the most peaceful. Think how much it can help boost the economy, foreign money coming in, ‘tourists’ by the droves!

I love the circus! Hence, I love Malaysian politics! Politicians definitely know how to make me laugh! If only they would wear leotards!

Another week to go before we make little invisible-ink-ed crosses on the kertas undi! I am seling my vote to highest bidder. Any one? Pak Lah? Datin Azizah? Dato' Nik? Anyone? Mwehehe...
But now, must get back to work. Ladidadida dum dum!


Blogger anasalwa said...

I'm trying to picture which politicians look scrumptious in leotards. Nothing came up. Any clue?
I think it's a great idea to promote Malaysia as demonstration platform. Imagine millions or perhaps billions of people out there are not happy with their crook/corrupted/dumbasses politicians, not to mention the money they will bring in.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am so proud that the SIL is contesting in Rembau. My grandfather knows the family of the SIL since they hailed from Kota but the SIL family doesn't know my grandfather :-P.

Despite wishing to the contrary, I know the SIL will win in Rembau. The next 5 years Rembau will be transformed into a Metropolis. Seronoknya.



1:42 AM  
Blogger OOD said...


KJ boleh kot pakai leotards... Hishamuddin maybe, but he's a keris man. Keris doesnt exactly go well with leotards. Some other politicians, i would PAY them to never wear leotards, haha.

If we do become a demo-tourism country, mannnnnn.... i wanna be an event manager. Wang Besar! Wang Besar!

i dont like him because i thought he looks arrogant-one-kind. He has the eyebrows like that of Salman Rushdie, cocky. I wouldnt want him as a boifren lah (like he would have me, haha.. But, btw, i am called Maya too).

As champion of my area, however, is another story. I agree that he is a smart politician, a good strategist. No wonder he's a shooting star in Malaysia's politics. And i wouldnt be surprised if Rembau will be transformed into a metropolis in 5 years.

But, where will the ayam, itik, lembu, kambing fit in nanti when sawahs are all replaced with skyscrapers?

7:31 PM  
Blogger tojo044 said...

Dilla first few words are ,.


which can be roughly translated as "I don't dance"


I don't ngundi..


Semoga semuanya Selamat.

12:49 AM  

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