Thursday, February 14, 2008

Partey Time

Right the next morning after Parliament was dissolved, we (as in my office) received an angry call from a fellow rakyat.

He called to tell us that he would go straight to the ex-PM (i.e Pak Lah), to complaint about my office. How we have approved a grant to a certain company to carry out PAS-related activities. This concerned-rakyat refused to even tell us his name. And which company are you complaining about really and exactly what PAS-activity? Joker refused to disclose any details. He said he would only talk to Pak Lah. But then, pray tell, why do you call here? Call lah Pak Lah directly lah, kan? Pak Lah never set foot at my office. Unless he was referring to Abdullah from IT whom we called Pak Lah too. But Pak Lah IT resigned many many moons ago.

What irks me the most is the fact how Pilihanraya seems to bring out the worst in people.

My company has been established since the 7th Malaysian Plan to assist Malaysian-owned companies. Just because someone votes for other than the ruling parties, they cease to become Malaysian meh? If choosing for the Opposition party is unpatriotic, let's just disband the party. Now, that would not be very democratic, would it?

We receive many applications in one day. We will evaluate each of them and grants will be given based on merit. We never ask the applicants, which political party do they belong to. The assistance is for Malaysian. Not Malays, not UMNO-supporters, not relatives or friends of this-that Minister. No. We do receive applications accompanied with support letters with red jawi letterhead or from certain Ministers, but it doesnt affect our evaluation processes. If politics interfere in the office, then it is the headache of our bosses. Operation-wise, we cant be bothered at all by who-you-know. I dont know if my colleagues are inclined to favor any applicant based on support letters, but i dont think so. When it comes to certain matters, i am like Inspektor Sahab of Hindi movies, own flesh and blood also can still put in jail, tum peletum drug trafficking nehi-nehi, jail you go and do not collect $200 (sorry, tengah kemaruk main monopoly).

Pilihanraya means the news on TV will talk about the successes of one party for half an hour, and then the failures of the other party for 15 minutes, maybe. Candidates will take the stage, promise this-that and make fun of the other candidates. Mengata-ngata, if you know what i mean, and these are the very people that we will vote to be our leaders. They will be who we put in Parliament to discuss many issues involving us, even plays a role in deciding on a new undang-undang that governs the country. Isnt it a scary thought?

The country has been independent for 50 years now. But the issues brandished on all the instant stages will still be same-old-same-old issues. Malay rights, equality, Islamic or Secular, Hadhari or Had Hari, etc. There will probably be name-calling, some obsceneties, finger pointing, and index-finger sign too, and a lot of pettiness in between.

I shouldnt generalise, i know. I am sure that there are many genuine politicians out there too, who really wants to make change and serve the people. But can they change the system? Or will they be absorbed into the system and be a joker too? It is so easy to conform. Making waves can be tiring. It is so easy to be drawn in. And remember the lounge for YBs at the Parliament, good food is served there. Why waste time in the Dewan when you can have scrumptious custard pastries at the lounge?

Pilihanraya is what, 2 weeks away?

I know a lot of people will be able to make quick money within this 2 weeks. Tampal poster, koyak poster, instigate groups, driving people around, open tables, etc.

It's partey time! And as usual, it's gonna be a wild wild party!

And people, jangan lupa kad pengenalan serta nombor daftar undi.


Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Adakah we all yang Malaysian kat seboghang jalan ni kono mengundi jugak? If Amnoh really kemaruk for undi,they might offer free flights balik KL kan?

Harap laa...

But I will undi you...

11:56 PM  
Blogger Lampin said...

Arrived here by accident while googgling for the "Mari Mengundi" lyrics. So I went through your entries. I like reading all of them! But didn't know you were female until I reached that Starry Starry Lunch.

Are you currently in KL or in Sarawak bcoz your profile says you're in KL but the entries seem to indicate that you're in Sarawak.

1:33 AM  
Blogger dith said...

(Hehe..still smiling after reading the above comment...)

ANyway Ood, trust you to make entries pertaining to the current affair.

Do I smell a wind of change eh? Naah...wishfull thinking, I say!

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Apa ni org Johor kutuk2 kerajaan!Hehehehe!



1:39 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

hjh EJ,

so dah dapek tiket kapalteghobang ko bolum?

kato pas, tak ngundi, bedoso. Pulang lah...

i am very female! Just checked, confirm!
And i am in KL. was in Sarawak for a few years when i was little. Thanks for dropping in. Too bad i dont have the lyrics!

this time election will be interesting. Just like the previous two. I so look forward to the outcome! On Saturday, we'll go down Pilah so Yamtuan could vote, then off to Kluang for me to vote. Sarat pon sarat lah...!

mana ada kutuk-kutuk! Orang kritik je... lain kan?
Sebagai rakyat Johor, bukan Sultan Johor tu ke Kerajaan kami? Hehe..

7:21 PM  

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