Sunday, March 02, 2008

Princess's Secret Garden

I am currently reading ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett. And I have just finished reading ‘A Little Princess’ by the same author.

Before you start wondering whether I am really just a twelve year old kid, pretending to be 38, let me qualify myself. I have read both books when I was at a suitable age to read them – when I was a kid. The Princess book not only made me cry, it made me sob. And how I sobbed too. I fell asleep still sobbing. My dorm-mates thought I had a fight with the girl-next-bed because I cried like my heart was really breaking in pieces. I woke up later in the day with a terrible headache and I was gloomy for days! I couldn’t forgive the writer for killing Captain Craven. That was how carried away I could get when reading good books.

We went Midvalley last weekend and dropped by at MPH. I saw the two books, published complete and unabridged, and curiosity took over my better judgement. I wanted to know if I would still be affected by the book now that I am all grown up. I told Dot that the books are for her (untuk cover line).

I read Princess again, and it made me cry just the same. Okay, it didn’t make me sob into the pillow till sleep comes, but it made me cry.

I cried back then for the death of Captain Craven. As a kid, the idea of losing a parent was terrible, the worst kind of calamity! But reading the book again as a mother, the ordeal that little Sara had to go through on her own was just as catastrophic to me.


Will try to read the books again when I turn 70, Insya-Allah and see whether they still have that effect on me.

The writer.


Blogger Tigress said...


Hahaha! U're not alone, Ood. Count me in as a fellow s*&ker with sob stories. I too cried then, now n probably every other time when I read A Little Princess. Maybe I cried too when reading the Little Women series. Tak macho langsung. But unlike u, I can't blame it on hormones. And yes, U have been rather naughty in not making the spa appointment, but the thought of u sprinting around with excess baggage, plus having to finish, berapa - 2874 agreements...? I give u chance. Take your time and don't forget to breathe. Inhale... Exhale... N please don't turn blue when u cast your vote.

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