Thursday, March 20, 2008


Over lunch, my colleagues and I discussed childbirth. Well, it may not be the best of topic for a lunch discussion, but who cares, right? The discussion did not help pacify my fears for the D-day. Not at all. If anything, the discussion we had confirmed this – that pain of giving birth is the grandmother of all mother of all pain.

The discussion confirmed my theory too: that it is very human to boast. And when I say ‘boast’, the things we boast about may not necessarily be the good things that happen to us or that we have. We boast about pain too.

Example, you say your son is naughty.

Then, your friend will begin with something like this, ‘My son laaaaaaagi teruk! And then continue by telling you how unbearably naughty her son is. Tak nak kalah punya.

Like that lah.

‘Delivering my first baby, the doctor later had to put 50 stitches down there.’
“Iya? My experience was worse. The doctor had to sit down there sewing me up for 6 hours! It was that bad.’
‘6-hours is nothing, my friend. I kena laaaaaagi teruk. They had to use sewing machine, even then it took the team of doctors 3 shifts to complete sewing me up.’

Really. It happens all the time.

We humans are one proud lot. We boast about anything, everything, about our gains and pain, physical or even emotional.

Berlagak. Tayming. Jobo. Ek. Sombong. Proud. Angkuh. Riak. Arrogance. Princely-state.

They are all the same. It helps sometimes, I guess, to distract you from pain, to help alleviate fears, to mask nervousness.

But more often than not, it could be your downfall. It could also make you lose your voters.

Voters? Geez…. I have strayed so far away from what I wanted to write about. Pain of childbirth.

Okay. Pain of delivering a baby, either via the natural channel or a C-section is very real. Very painful. Worse than not being made Menteri, I promise you.

D-Day is just a few days away! For me, at least. And I hope my D means ‘Delivery’ and not ‘Doom’.

For some businessman/contractors/benefactors though, their D-Day arrived the day the new cabinet line-up was announced. And their D might jolly well means ‘Doom’ or ‘Die-Die’.

I hope they are loaded up the wazoo with painkillers. I hope my doctor drug me good too.


Blogger elisataufik said...

Aik so fast nak beranak dah (cewah.. mentang2 lah bukan kita yang mengandung, rasa macam cepaat aje.. hee hee)

Good Luck!! Semoga selamat melahirkan..
Hope you back feels better, too.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous anasalwa said...

You almost got me peed in my pants, I meant peed in my batik sarung. "They had to use a sewing machine....." You are too much.
But you are right, we ike to boast just about anything.
And when people talk about the bad winter experience here, everybody tries to to come up with worse snow storm story.

5:48 PM  
Blogger dith said...

Wait till you hear this (true story, not the sewing machine type!): a bidan (probably under the influence of something) accidentally stitched up the labia together!! The doctor had to undo and restitch! Now, still wanna boast aahh?? hehe

All the best, mate!

12:58 AM  
Blogger shidah said...

ha..ha.., like the saying - no pain no gain. cannot get the baby so easy :) So today is your D-day, hope it went well ......

1:49 AM  
Blogger Theta said...

By now, it has past the 24th March due date.
If you've given birth, congrats. Hope you and baby are doing great.
If not yet, all the prayers for a safe delivery and a bouncing babykin!

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

luv this entry... good work:) and congrats for the baby.

5:51 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

thanks! dah selamat dah, alhamdulillah! And right after the baby was taken out, my coughing stopped! Betullah pembawakan budak ya?

people there boast about snow storms? Over here in Malaysia, is worse! Laagi teruk we boast about rains and landslides and trees uprooted! Hehe..

Dr House,
u terrible! hehe..
i asked my doctor to dont stitch me up, instead put a zipper there, but he wouldnt listen! And when in the morning before they wheeled me in, i asked him whether dia dah asah pisau elok?, he patted me on my shoulder like so kesian of me..
and thanks for your kind doas..

it went well i think, Yamtuan went a bit dizzy afterwards. Me, i had apidural pumped into me till next day. I am flyyyyyyying high lah.

baby's dgaining weight and i am struggling still to lose weight! We are both cool, though. Thanks!

thank you! Thank you!

And to Kak Teh, Anedra, Maya, Bro Jo etc, thanks too!

12:30 AM  

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