Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Upaya VS Kurang Upaya

My office has moved, from MIDF Building to Menara Yayasan Tun Razak.

I used to take the Putra LRT all the way to Ampang Park Station. After 5 minutes of walking I would be clocking in at office.

Now I take the bus from my area to KL Sentral. Then take the Monorel to Raja Chulan station or sometimes Bukit Bintang, then walk 15 to 25 minutes to my office. Honestly, I don’t mind the walking. Thanks to Walkman, the walk is made pleasurable with the entertainment MP3 provides. Some days I hum to the tune of Jamal Abdillah, sometimes Frank Sinatra. Dolly Parton gets to sing once in a while. Tum-di-dum-dum, I don’t mind the walking. At least, not yet. Wait till I turn as big as a whale, maybe I will start bitching about it. Right now, at sea-lion size, I am still ok.

The ride to work, however is the source of my pain now.

It is not Rapid KL busses and it is not the Monorel train either.

It is the people in it. Well okaylah, not all of them, some of them.

At 4-months, I am already showing. Nothing fits and so, even at such early stage of pregnancy, I am already wearing table cloth to work. I am like .. huge, okay? You cant look at me and not know that I am pregnant. Most people think I am at least 6 months pregnant. THAT big. However, despite all the obvious signs, even when I shove my belly underneath the noses of some people, I still get ignored and don’t get that seat.

The moment I walk in into the bus/monorel, the seated ones would feign sleep, or will suddenly produce bottles of minyak kapak or minyak german and start rubbing it down their necks like their very life depend on it. Some rude-hard-core ones would just stare at my tummy like it is most polite for them to sit there staring while letting me stand.

Okay lah, maybe I am not so kurang upaya as I’d like people to think me. But take this: one day, I had to stand for some long minutes before I finally get to sit. Then along came a mother carrying a little baby, and guess who gave up her seat for the mom-child? Me. Others just look away. The next day, the same thing happened; only it was a father with a child. This morning, standing in the bus quite a distance away from where I stood, was this blind lady, who was also so very old. Nobody gave a hoot.

Where are our manners? Lost in space?

Many times, especially on the days when my tummy feels painfully heavy, tight and uncomfortable (from overeating, hehehe), I look at the headachy/sleepy girls and pray that when it is their time to be pregnant, they’ll have varicose veins the size of coconut tree snaking around their legs. And to the macho-macho man, I wish on them that one day their pregnant wives will come home to them all cranky, tired and ever-ready to bite the husbands head off from having to stand in a crowded bus/monorel. Err... by the way, have i told you that i hail from Kota Tinggi? Where sumpahan can last as long as 7 generations?

So tak baik of me, I know. But I am cranky and tired and kurang upaya, remember?

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Blogger elisataufik said...

yes yes teruskan lah with the curse.
especially the varicose vein one. me likey very very much.
kalau instant curse, tak payah tunggu pregnant tak boleh ke?

5:32 AM  
Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Malaysians kan? Haiyoo..dah la bila train berenti, tak nak kasi org kluar dulu.

Oood, next time, ko buat-buat la nak pitam...or pi cakap kat pompuan-pompuan tu, 'Dik, akak dah 6 bulan, adik baru 2 minggu, bagi la akak duduk dik oii'...Musti they all kasi kan?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Theta said...

Manners thrown out the window for a new-age trend - KIASUism.

Your ordeal reminds me of my hubby's experience with a pregger lady (or was it old lady) on board the LRT. He offered his seat to her, but the woman said "Tak payahlah, takpelah" with a half-grin. You know that sort of Malay brand of dilly-dallying, wishy-washy 'politeness', which hubby couldn't stand.

So he said okay, remained seated and continued listening to his MP3, much to the lady's disbelief! Next time, just say thanks and sit down!

5:09 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

ye tak ye jugak kan? Why wait kan?
Ok, IMMEDIATE varicose veins! And while i am at it, i might as well place another curse on them, that they will makan tak kenyang-kenyang. So they will expand and look like pregnant even when they are not!
Sweeeeet revenge!

Hjh Esah Jolie,
WICKED! Lepas tu depa sure pakai barut! Hehe... Sistah, you, Elisataufik and me must have gone to the same school. The School of Wickedry!

i know what you mean. Mao ka tada mao ka, make up your mind already! Kan?
just now dalam train, after letting me stand for a good 5-minutes, after MUCH hesitation, the lady finally offered me her seat. I said thankyou and as i hobbled over to her, she sat back! So i told her, err, i said YES-thankyou, not NO-thankyou. So, saying thankyou may not be enough, must say, yes-please-thankyou-now-move-over.

Your hubby must be the lelaki tulen terakhir. Sigh... Sometimes i think, most men on the train dont just lack simple manners, they are also lacking of spine and balls.

6:40 PM  
Blogger JoKontan said...


Mana Yamtuan Nih !?

Nii case macam pandai buat anak ajer, tapi ....



7:17 PM  
Blogger OOD said...


Yamtuan suku apache tau! Satgi dia scalp you how?

Dia kojo Shah Alam, and me in KL. Ghumah kek tongah. Bercanggah arah eh..

but he has acquired for himself a motorbike and told me i can have the car. Now, if only i have lesen...

1:36 AM  
Blogger Lys said...


Everything must be taught. They watch TV, definitely the advertisement... and what does the ad teaches you??? MANNERS...

Tak guna la keluarkan ad dlm LRT tu. Nampak gaya Malaysian suka tonton tapi tak suka amik ikhtibar.

Tak guna la ad on road safety, seat belt safety or whatever safety... mengabihkan duit rakyat je. No one cares...

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sometimes one has to be bold and ask directly what one wants.So kalau these buggers buat tak nampak jer,u should say to them politely,"excuse me, may I have this seat which is reserved for the handicapped people and pregrant ladies."Give your sweetest smile while saying so.

Jokontan's neighbour is a proprietor of a famous driving school in Malaya.Maybe jokontan can introduce you to take driving class there bearing in mind all your phobias and so on.


6:21 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

lys sistah,
i like the ad! memang benci tengok adlin, he's that convincing as an actor. But 'that' face i see a lot on the train/bus. There are too many adlins out there! if only i could photograph them all, i would have database that rivals that of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, i swear.

we've never met. I am miniscule in size, and my voice is like that of Sizuka from Doraemon. When i get upset, i dont go 'woof woof' - my bark goes 'yap-yap-yap' like a silly poodle. 'Attack of the Poodle' doesnt sound like a thriller kan? Silence and dagger-looks are about all i could manage.

i MUST get that licence, i know. i will email Jo on this. Thanks!

5:21 PM  

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