Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pengakuan Saya

I hereby testify that Sony Ericsson phone Model cikai W700i is sturdy and rugged.

I have subjected the poor phone to freezing environment (in the fridge) for more than 6 hours and throughout the torture, it vibrated and rang and received sms-es just fine. After it was rescued, it perspired a bit, turned cold on me but functioned better than dysfunctional me.

I strongly recommend the phone to the old and forgetful or anyone with small kids.


Blogger Nazrah said...


7:00 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

VERY the very sangat seriously. I kid rock you not.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous kna said...


Tell me the phone ended up in the fridge? I bet that would be hilarious :-)).


7:53 PM  
Blogger Elysha Nur said...

"Nothing to do??? Let's chuck the phone in the fridge and see if it still works..." SERIOUSLY, why???

9:07 PM  
Blogger meandbaby said...

memang sesuai untuk diriku's high time for me to change phone boleh le check it out...

11:55 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

seriously??? and have you tried flushing it as well?

3:01 AM  
Blogger JoKontan said...


I (pulok!) hereby testify that Chokia phone model is lembik and manja.

It hanged up on me, for no apparent reason, 2 saturdays ago, while I was busy communicating my late friend passing away. :-(

(Saper pulok nyanyi 'Aku dan Kenangan ?. Mebbe my Brother, Adam ?)

Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri serta MengHayati Hari2 terakhir Ramadhan.

7:49 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

kna bro,
How the phone ended up in the fridge? Saya hilang ingatan ;o)

If i answer, it is the scientist in me, would you believe me? It IS the scientist in me.
*straight face*

strongly recommended (i dont get komisyen tau).
The walkman function is an added advantage. I have so many songs from Daud Kilau all the way to Limpbizkit. Wock!

no kakteh, i dont flush handphones down the toilet. Not environmentally friendly. I only flush little kittens - organic stuff takpe. :oP

jo bro,
buyt i have thrown a chokia 3310 once to the wall, it broke apart, isi perut all terburai, i put it back again pakai selotep and ok balik, i tell you! Phones all suffered in my hand but they lived longgggg (torturous) life.

aku dan kenangan was sung by a band. Streetlight ka bubbles ka namanya ntah. Now, Hattan nyanyi semula. Errr... Adam is your bro meh? Adam joget lambak? oooooooo....

10:48 PM  

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