Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taxi and Legs

One Day. Seapark.

We were on the way to dinner. We were in the car, about 20-30 metres away from that junction of Pelita and MacDonald, when an accident happened there. A taxi hit a motorbike and he fell right infront of a car coming from the opposite side of the road and it ran over him (here our stories differ, Yamtuan said the motorbike rider was a she and the car was a Wira. I said it was a Chinese man (kulit putih gebu je, ingat orang perempuan! Sheeeshh.. ) and the car was a Mercedes). The first thing the rider did? Writhed on the road for a few minutes and then he went very still. The first thing the drivers of the two cars did? Argue. Yep, they did. They argued like blind men trying to pin down the tail (blame) on the ass. Yamtuan rolled down the window and yelled at them to stop the squabbling and call an ambulance/police instead. They glared at us, one of them picked up his phone and started arguing with the phone instead. He probably called the wife. We only had the PJ-our area's police number with us, so we called them.

At that point, I was certain that the rider would be okay as I saw the Wira/Mercedes ran over his legs. Only! His vital organs were spared, I hoped. And of course, he would be fine.

The Next Day. Kuala Pilah.

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We were underneath the rambutan tree feasting on rambutan daging.. err, gading (that I personally handpicked *jobo*) at Yamtuan’s kampong. A taxi sped by and hit a chicken. ‘Ayam den! Ayam den!’ my MIL cried. But it was a minor accident, I could swear. The taxi (again!) only hit its legs (yes again). Ayam Den Lapeh limped a bit but legs are a distance away from the stomach yes? Boleh makan nasi lagi, no? My BIL was there, now take this, he’s a policeman. By default, he has better eyes/ears for details than me right? He said when the car hit the chicken, there was a little pop sound. No way, I said. There was a ‘CLUCK cluck cluck’ sound, yes, and it was loud not little. But a pop? Come on! Who are you trying to kid? Cuma ujikaji lidi berbara dengan gas hidrogen dalam tabung uji sahaja boleh menghasilkan bunyi pop.

We caught the chicken and put it in an overturned basket under the house. He would be okay, I said. Nothing that a dab of minyak gamat wouldn’t help. A bit of spa treatment too perhaps, but no big deal. It would be crooning its signature cock-a-doodle-do in no time.

The next day, the chicken limped a bit less, and that was it. Omak insisted that we slaughter it for lunch. A-Okaye. Ayam kampong for lunch, how could I say no? And so we did. I held it and BIL did the slicing.

During post-mortem, we discovered many bruises on the bird. No surprise there. This however, came as a surprise to me – one of its kidneys actually was almost in smithereens. It must have exploded. Thus, the pop sound was explained. The other kidney was SO swollen it was bigger than its heart. If we didn’t have him for lunch, he would have died a slow, undignified, painful death.
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That really got me thinking. What u see is not necessarily what u get.

The human body is just another case of contradictions. It is strong yet weak. Each of the organs are made of the highest lab-grade of material, yet sturdy enough for industrial activities. The organs, the body, the bones are all of the best strongest premium quality there are and heavy-duty as heavy duties can only be. The internals are maintenance-free and more often than not, requires no downtime. The externals may require some hours in the gym and spa, but otherwise, the body is to last you your lifetime.

Yet, despite the wonder of the built, if He wills it to fail, it will. It doesnt even need reasons to. Reasons are just there to make things easier for us mortals to accept.

Geez, I hope the Seaparkrider would be fine.

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Blogger Roti Kacang Merah said...

aiyoh, kalau i dah tak makan dah agaknya ayam tu. kesiaaaaan dia.

4:51 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

ayam kampung masak lemak cili padi plus air tangan omak? Lepas sedawa baru ingat nak kesian!

So-tak-baik of me!Hehehe..

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh M, your entry today so scientific la! Susah nak digest. (& after all the findings, you can still eat the chicken????)

You need to buy me lunch...and explain further. When???

BTW, my comment on your last entry....cakap aje that you'll NEVER EVER ambil lesen kereta.
if you come work with me....I'll get you a driver. Baik punya.


8:59 PM  
Anonymous kna said...

Dear Ood,

Ayam kampung masak rondang nogori sembilan pun sodap. Kono pulak ado daging salai masak lomak cili api campur bolimbing bosi. Memang tak nampak omak eden lalu kek belakang.

Mcmana citer berhati-hati di jalan raya boleh tukar bab makan ni?

Please drive carefully once you have license.


10:58 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

scientific apa ke nya.. yamtuan dah togo salah, kayu uji berbagho takkan menghasilkan bunyi pop, kono kayu uji menyalo kato eh.

lunch? yes please! Pinggin retak nasi dingin, i NAK i INGIN!

eh KJ, sekarang baru bulan 7. I said by this year kan? December lambat lagi. Nanti adalah lesen tu.. ambik semua kelas terus. Motor lori trelar troli kenderaan khas semua, you'll see.

hari raya hari tu, rumah omak ado lauk: ayam masak lomak cili padi, daging masak lomak cili padi, ruso masak lomak cili padi, segalo macam daging masak lomak cili padi! Campur segalo macam jenih asam dan daun. Umanggggg, lawas beb!

*sigh* i really must get the licence soon. Kalo tak kalah betting lagi!

12:46 AM  
Blogger anasalwa said...

ayam kampung masak cili padi sounds delicous. Who could say no,yes?

4:35 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

anasalwa! How are yew?
ayam kampung masak cili padi is absolutely ngamho! Pulak-pulak ayam kampung tu muda lagi. Keliatan is just cun-cun. Sedap sehingga menjilat siku!

Rasa macam nak balik kampung, pegi langgar ayam omak.

8:38 AM  

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