Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fox, Turtle and Me

fox and turtle Dot’s latest short story is about Mother Fox and Mother Turtle. Both just had babies hatched from their eggs (she still thinks all babies hatched from eggs). The story was basically on how both mothers searched for food and protect their hatchlings from harm’s way. Each had their own style of mothering; one’s best intention may be the other’s worst nightmare. Quite deep, but told by Dot in all the simplicity and innocence of a six-year-old. She even had a little line of ‘moral’ at the end of it, just like Aesop’s.

Mothering is not easy an easy job – no one says it is. Mother Ood can sit with Mother Fox and Mother Turtle and we will all have many things in common. We would do anything everything for our offspring – die if we must, kill if the need arises. The babies, newly-hatched, bald, ugly and as slimy as they may be, sit highest in our list of priorities. I probably would do what Foxy did. Hmmm...

Now Mother Ood has a little hatchling watching her moves and then weave stories from her observations. Makes Mother Ood kind of nervous and under pressure to behave, dont you think?


Blogger tojo044 said...

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Blogger Jo Kontan said...

044Uh uhh !!

Not at all.

There's one Super-Duper-Blooper-Power being specially granted to all Mothers over their little hatchings.

And sometimes, Mothers do get a liiittle bit confused when to apply this special Power.

They used it on their spouses, instead.

11:46 PM  

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