Monday, January 28, 2008

Sizuka the Hole-ly Cow


I) 27 March 2008

The third one will be delivered via caesarean. And because of that, I get to choose the dates. Yey! And what a coincidence it is that the most suitable date would be 27 March, aruah Mak’s birthday. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The ObGyn said it probably will be a girl. More ribbons and hairclips, yey!

II) Hole-ly Cow

Yes, I am back at the office after a month of absence (mountains of work await me, a whole banjaran titiwangsa! Thus why i have shied away from the internet). Colleagues and boss alike look at me and swear that I must have faked my medical cert as they could see no tell-tale sign of chicken pox on my face. And I seem to have gained weight too. Sick people can’t be gaining weight, can they? I told them, I put on many layers of make-up to cover the holes on my face and body. The extra layers of make-up – at least 3 inches thick all around, are what makes me look fat. Look only, but i really am not.

Quoting Former Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz, ‘it’s all fabrication and slander'.

I am no hole-ly cow!’.

III) MC Sizuka

We had a dinner function a few nights back. The boss decided to have the dinner, we were to invite more than 200 companies to it, and the date was 5 days away. It was a wee bit too short-notice to ask the Corporate Communications Department to organise it. And so, my department organised the whole thing. It made sense because the 200 companies to be invited dealt with us and only with us. We had the database and we were always in communication with them. They made me the MC. Ok. Not a problem.

The dinner went well. Everybody seemed to have fun. Our guest-of-honor, some hot shot dato’ from one ministry even whispered to our CEO that the event was to be made the benchmark as it was very-well organised. I myself felt that the event could have been better but considering the time constraint, it was not a bad job at all.

In between having to stand and introduce yang-berbahagia-dato-this-and-that, I went around the ballroom meeting acquaintances and friends. I saw a certain Dr Rosli from one research institution. I went to Korea with him. And you know lah, once you have travelled with someone, you know a bit more about him and either that makes you closer or otherwise. I kind of like Dr Rosli. Nice chap, tells jokes with a straight face and he laughs at my jokes too. He commented that the rostrum is too tall for me, that I should complaint to the hotel management. He could hear my voice but couldn’t see me. My makeup all wasteful, he said, hidden behind the rostrum. But he could recognise my voice anywhere. And he said I sounded like one Digi advertisement on radio. What ad? She must sound horrible, I said. He said, no, go listen to the ad. And then I added, that I think I sound like Sizuka from Doraemon. He said, no way, i am not THAT cute. And we both laughed. This was at the dinner table and there was one representative from Corporate Comm. department sitting there too, right next to Dr Rosli. Ha-ha-ha, we all laughed.

Today at Management meeting, my department was blasted left-right-centre for organising the event without help from Corporate Comm. Funny thing is, Corporate Comm said the flaw of that night was the MC, because her voice was like that of Sizuka. Said who, my boss asked. Said a guest at my table, answered this lady. She was the one who sat next to Dr Rosli. Weird as I thought I was the one who said it.

All in all, I said to to my boss, if my voice is the only thing wrong with the night, then the night is a success lah. They could have complained about a lot of other things, and for them to pinpoint on something as petty as my voice, ok lah tu. It’s a good sign. The glass is half full. The content may be dense, but it half-fills the glass.



Blogger anedra said...

oody: well done! Almost popping and yet can MC an event! And here I am fussing about being a pengapit (when I am not even preggers yet!) Haha! Aaanyways - what I really wanted to say is -Mai I silat sikit Minah Corporate Comm tu!! Ciss! SUngguh Queen B*tch sekali!

11:10 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

while i dont doubt your silat skills and want someone to cili the mouth of that corporate comm bitch, i dont think you are the right person for the job. You see, she's a srikandi. Yes, babeh, she went to your school. And her mom makes curtains for Istana Johor. Dare you mess with a fellow Srikandian who has connections with the istana?

Hah. Takut! Takut!

2:31 AM  
Blogger dith said...


Surprise surprise! All pregnant but still able to MC eh?? I wish I was there to hear you banter at the rostrum, Sizuka or not!

As for that lady...hmmm...I'll give it a pass...tak kuasa kawe nak melayan orang macam nih, :P

So is this gonna be your first C-section? I pray that everything goes well, insyallah. Take care!

6:19 AM  
Blogger drbubbles said...

dia jeles dgn you tu!

p.s I boleh buat suara Giant!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Tigress said...

Dear Ood,

Glad to know that you're out of the chicky-pixies. I would go nuts if it happened to me, and probably crazy-pull hair-level if it happened during a pregnancy! Anyway, just dropped in to say you hit a nerve with Arthur's Theme. Memories of yesteryears keep flooding back... Oh Maann!.. Gosh!
I Must Rise Above It.

6:32 PM  
Blogger anedra said...


I ain't no Srikandi if I can't stand up for a friend. Srikandi's arent supposed to be b*tches anyway!

Nak jugak silat (tapi nak suara Giant kat background boley??)

12:15 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

Dr House,
i am not bothered much, really. They could have said that i sounded like the Doraemon itself and that would be worse. Sizuka, okay lah..

this is my 3rd C-sect, DITH. First two were emergency-base. Kind of looking forward to a non-emergency c-sect. 6 more weeks to go!

Dr Buble,
eh, why not u and me go Tech Park at Bukit Jalil. I know one studio alihsuara there. We can both go audition! I wanna try ultraman too. Wanna try the part of Rina. Jom Giant Jom!

Arthur's Theme. It is a soundtrack from a movie kan? What movie ah? Arthur's Theme, then shouldnt the movie be titled 'Arthur'. I longgggg to watch the movie bcos i so do love the song!
Memories, ehem... U MUS RISE ABOVE IT! Chant 100 times and you'll be okay.

Anedra my Saviour,
if Giant sings in the background, everybody would bleed from the ears kan? And why go the trouble of silat when Giant can just sit on the buitch and suffocate her blue?

6:22 AM  

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