Monday, January 23, 2006

Puss in Boots

We spent the weekend cooped up in the apartment. We cleaned up everything, scrubbed floors and roof and walls and all. No no no, not because Chinese New Year is approaching, but just because. For want of a ‘family activity’, how about that? Or plain cabin fever.

Yamtuan even scoured through the shoes cupboard, took out all shoes and polished them. And thus how he found my boots. My cool macho kick-dog-dog-die boots. I haven’t worn them for ages, 3 years maybe.

I bought them in London, that time when I was trying to give yamtuan ‘space’ to think. I came back to Malaysia with some pairs of boots ready to kick ass, and by the powers of the boots managed to dazzle (intimidate) Yamtuan into marrying me. Jodoh works in mysterious ways indeed. I love me boots!

I haven’t been wearing them for so long because they do not exactly fit my style anymore. Really, they dont exactly fit ME anymore (betis sudah tumbesaran).

And when we discovered the boots, it brought back memories of my swashbuckling days. Yeeeeeha! I became super again in Yamtuan’s eyes! Yeeeha indeed!

And this morning, I thought of wearing them to work. I have an important meeting to attend in UKM and I thought why not. I took extra care in dressing up this morning (because we woke up early, had nightmares that Yamtuan married a pontianak who later turned into pokok ketapang and one of the kids is actually a pontianak too *shivers*). Black blouse, black-white long skirt with side slits, and them boots. They are a bit tight around the calves and my face would probably turn blue by the end of the day, but if i die, i would die macho and in style. Can.

Had breakfast as usual at our Rima College favourite stall and as we we were walking back to the car, I felt heavier down at my left foot. I could not have gained that extra weight that fast, I only had fried rice and eggs and teh tarik!

Oh NO NO NO! The sole came off! It came off from the heel-part all the way to the toe-part, attached only by a flimsy stubborn streak of adhesive pleading me mintak nyawa. And it was just last Friday that Anedra told me her luck with her shoes and I laughed at her silly and now it is my turn! Huhuhuuuu…

Yamtuan had cleaned up the car too and so no spare shoes in the boot to boot! Groan!

I had to drag my left foot through the train ride to Ampang Park. It was SO bad that someone actually offered me her seat! And then walked to the office like someone who had a major ankle injury. I texted my boss saying I might be in late, and she said, ‘DAH BAGI GAJI BESAR-BESAR BELI KASUT BARU PON TAK MAMPU!’ Aiyah…. Makan dalam! Hehehehe…

So now it is 10am, I will now borrow a friend’s clogs and go to Ampang Park to have the boots fixed and maybe buy me a new pair of shoes too. Lucky my meeting is after noon. So got time to manage the crisis properly.

I tell you, walking around with a sole-less boots is SO not cool.


Blogger Nazrah said...

that happens when you keep ur shoes too long in the closet. they merajuk and literally make a scene when in public.

i have had the soles coming off, the heels crumbling to powder and tercampak episodes. very malu-fying.

7:40 PM  
Blogger anasalwa said...

That was funny. I'm trying picture you walking with a solelessshoe.
But you got yourself a new pair of shoes, didn't you?

7:42 PM  
Blogger anedra said...


That's for last Friday!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

i bought a pair in kl and that is just a few months ago - already the sole is coming out..yes, I had to drag my right leg a few times. But Ood, can u imagine both of us walking together - u dragging lef leg and me dragging right leg - what a sight.
and yes, before I forget - I am kak teh.

11:59 PM  
Blogger MA said...

Tidak apa. Gaya musti ada.

12:24 AM  
Blogger AuntyN said...

I can imagine the whole episode with you dragging your feet with the broken sole.


2:15 AM  
Anonymous crimsonskye said...

the right kind of shoes will make you a Wonder Woman :) i still remember that story where you went after a snatch thief on heels!

err hope i got that right... it was you wasn't it...??

5:02 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

moral of the story is, 'Must have extra dress shoes in the opis' me! hehehe

kesian oody. next time, kalau dah kasut tuh lama kat dlm almari, make sure u test walking at home for a few hours lah, like nazrah said, the joints of the shoes might fall apart esp for 'older' shoes.

9:20 AM  
Blogger dr in the house said...

Aiyyah! WOuldnt want to be in your! Must be your most embarassing moments??

Btw..didnt know your boss is female...must be hard eh?? :))

8:26 AM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Dah beli kasut baru, yang lama tu buat apa? Are the boots worth salvaging? Ely is right, must have extra shoes at work. At one time I had 3 pairs under my desk. Sometimes it's one pair for dragging around in the office, one for going out/appointments, one for night - depending on the plan for the night lah.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yang, you have certainly not learned from the best! Must always keep spares in the office for emergencies like that. Btw, you wanna me buy your boots here? what Uk size are you and please give me the diameter of your calves too!

12:43 AM  
Blogger MamiJarum said...

Like you I also have big cakves so bila I bought this boot of mine, only able to zip uop halfway but still able to tahan jugak!!! Hee! Hee! Hee! Funnylah you!!! Betul kata Ely and the rest... Always wise have extra of everything in the office - blouse, skirt, pants, shoes... Just in case malang tak berbau kan???!!! Kan???!!!

7:17 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

nazra ku,
a girl can NEVER have too many shoes kan? Must have shoes shoes shoes and then must be adil and saksama and give all of em equal 'air' time also...

eh, i thought i saw u at KLCC the other day..!

no i havent bought me new shoes. this long Chinese new year weekend i will go shoe hunting! Yey!

next time DONT share your shoe-woes around me, ok? Sheeesh.. dont start an epidemic already, will ya!

see how we compliment each other like DNA strands? Stuck in the middle, flailing limbs left and right!

gaya macam malaysian sports star -forever injured kalo tak perform!

oh auntyN,
me miss u! Bila nak sambung sembang ni?

yep yep, that was me 'sekadar menolong insan yang lemah', hawhawhaw..

i know! i know! i must get me new shoes! And boots (love em!), and i dont own sandals, so must try that shoes or bust!

dr house,
embarassing yes, most embarassing no. Because i always outdo myself, i always improve in the embarassed-level. I am a true disciple of the Murphy's Law. Things almost always go wrong! Hehehe.. kena mandi bunga na?

Yep, boss is female. BUT she adores Adam Ahmad too so okay lah, Adam Ahmad keeps us united. ;o)

i had the boots glued back uppers to sole. But the guy who fixed them told me earnestly, how he hoped the soles would detach again so he could have more business from me! How to frown at such honesty?

This weekend will be good will hunting for shoes! yey!

tsk tsk tsk... no no, to buy me new boots fit for my calves, you gotta use leather from maybe three mother cows la.. it's just too environmentaly wrong. Maybe rubber welington boots? Yellow perhaps? Ya?

jarum da pwety mami,
oh thank you, i always do welcome any encouragement to shop! Shoes and the whole serba berdiri persalinan as well! Yey! Kedai SerbaRuncit Ah Kaw, here i come!

6:00 PM  
Blogger AuntieYan. said...

Odd, Kak Yan ada extra kasut, sandal & tudung kat ofis.
Psstt....ada jugak extra spender & b**...just incase...malang tidak berbau dek oii!!!!....:-)

7:04 PM  
Anonymous atn said...

yes very de makan dalam one, what ur boss said

12:02 AM  
Blogger hana_kirana said...

very the kesian...

12:56 AM  
Anonymous atiz said...

dang! if only i was in the lrt..i'd laugh at you like what you did to anedra..ehehe

9:04 AM  
Blogger loppiess said...


5:51 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

waa... you really are prepared for rainy days! kow tow kow tow....

:o( kan? Kan?

sob sob! Shall i give u my bank acct number? tabung bantuan Kasut Baru?



9:33 AM  

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