Thursday, December 15, 2005

Agent, Amma & Appa.

Dot was warded for some serious urinary tract infection when she was 1. It was just for one night I think, and it cost us an arm. Sun was warded some months back for lung infection and that cost us a leg. An arm and a leg. If that doesn’t tell us we need medical insurance, I don’t know what else will.

And so, last September, 25th to be exact, I bought a one-off insurance. Let’s not name names. We needed a coverage for the both of them asap and because my finance position at that time did not allow me to commit to the long term kind of insurance, so we bought the RM600 for one year coverage type. Never mind. I asked around for an agent because I figured I might as well give the commission to someone my friends know (since I don’t know any agents myself). A friend recommended her cousin. A fresh graduate from a local uni. Fine with me.

The agent came to the house all fresh-faced and giggly. I didn’t feel quite at ease with her but really, I could not say why. There is nothing wrong with looking green and being super-ticklish. I had no basis to like or dislike her. So I ignored the gut instinct and proceeded with the purchase. I paid her and was told that I would get the payment receipt in 2 weeks. A bit too long to ready a receipt but never mind, the whole deal is after all based on ‘trust’. Okay by me. The medical card would be ready in 2 months, she said. Never mind also. I am easy, remember? Everything is ‘never mind’ one.

After about 6 weeks, I began to wonder about the payment made. And so I called her. She forgot! And that day itself issued one and hand-delivered it to Yamtuan’s office. Great. When do I get the card? In two months lah she said. Two more weeks then.

2 weeks came and left, i forgot. The times when it crossed my mind, i was always occupied with something else. I was sure that the card was ready, but since there was no real need for it just yet, i didnt call and ask her. Me, not pushy. Easy, remember?

Since the last week, Sun’s cough progressively got worse - wheezing, lotsa phlegm and yellow/green discharge from the nose. Definitely worrying. When he started having a temperature, I feared the worst - pneumonia.

I wanted to take him to his pediatrician but in case he might be warded, I would need the card.

13th Dec.
I texted the agent requesting for the card. It has been almost 3 months anyway since I made the payment.

She said she has not received the card from the broker. Ok. But the card IS ready right?
Then, 'dont know'. Later, 'no, not ready. Have not processed'.

I need it today, I said. She texted me a smiley face (very funny she) and said that she just helped a client use the same card at some hospital. Right, but do I have the card to begin with? No. So? I don’t see the relevance of that information then.

She smsed me again saying, why don’t I call the broker myself?
And another sms, why don’t I just send my son to a government hospital.

Now that really fused my TNT. Enough with the smses. I called her.

Why would I deal with a broker when I have an agent. Shouldn’t you follow up and through? Why would I buy an insurance if I go to public hospital? My hubby works for the government, we dont need insurance to go GH. What u think i have nothing better to do with the money issit? You took our money then cuci tangan just like that? I don’t care which broker is inefficient, I don’t care about your problems. My kid is sick and he is all the problem I care about. It has been more than 2 months, almost 3! No I don’t want my money back, what can I do with RM600. Not enough to pay deposit even. I want you to be at the hospital tomorrow, you bring your money and pay. I don’t care. Do I need to even explain why I am so angry? etc etc etc

Yes, you wont like me when i am angry. I turn green and tear my clothes off. Very ugly.

And she cried but in the background, Sun was crying too. You know my priorities, girl.

She asked for one more day to make the big bad broker issue the card. Okay. Fine.

14th Dec.
Sun got better. So it wasn’t pneumonia. But I still want/need the long overdue card.

The girl forwarded to me all her sms-es with the CEO of the broker company (sometimes I feel technology - such big powerful word - this sms business, actually slows us down. Why sms? Call lah! Faster what!).

One sms that REALLY got me all boiling again is this one,
‘Akum kak, baby akak camna skang? Akak dh register anak akak kt *tut tut*? Brapa deposit dia? Kite kt broker ni dr pukoi 9 td. Skang dh peringkat nk jumpa ngan ceo broker dlm stgh jam lg. Actualy kite lom dpt komsyn pun utk this case sbb lom inforce. Kite akan tlg akak my best utk kebajikan semua pihak’

She was telling me that she was doing me a favor? Surely by now she knows that I don’t particularly care about her commission! Hiya..never mind, let it slide.

Later I received another sms from her telling me that she was on the way to my house. I was at the office and I wasn’t planning to go home straight after work. I needed to go KL as my mom was in town for doctor’s appointment. I sms-ed her saying that it wasn’t possible to meet then.

Her MOTHER called me. Can you believe it! She had her mother call me to insist on meeting. Not possible I said. Tomorrow, office hours can.

15th Dec.
I was in an all-important meeting when I received sms from her,
‘Can u spare a minute now. I need urgently ur view n decision’.
I smsed back telling her to call Yamtuan.

Her FATHER called Yamtuan. Hahaha.. I know, I laughed too when Yamtuan told me.

Apparently, the company no longer offered such scheme. So she sold me the insurance even when it was no more offered. She didn’t know, she claimed. And the broker accepted the money even when they were aware of the matter. And they sat on my money and did nothing whatsoever to notify me of the status. Now, they want to return my money. They have prepared a cheque of RM600, all laced up with lots and lots of apologies.

You see, the issue here is not the money.

I bought it in September. How many other customers have she sold the insurance to from September till now? I happen to find out the truth because the need for the card arises. Imagine other buyers who doesn’t have to use the card at all, will go through the year thinking that they are covered when they are not. And where does the money go to? There is NO insurance but money is accepted anyway. So you pay your money for bogus-protection under a non-existing insurance scheme!

She will refund me, she said. Mother father all said the same thing (hahaha..). But if my kids need to be hospitalized today, how then? The almost three-month wait was in vain. The kids are still not insured.

Yes, I do see humor in this. Yamtuan and I had a big laugh over our folly and the whole mother-father thing. I have officially written a letter (not sms, no.. hehehe) to the CEO of the company (the insurance company, not agent's not broker's) to complaint. But on a serious note, I think we should all exercise our consumer rights and we should all be more informed – whatever that means.

Sun is well, by the way. False alarm.


Anonymous atn said...

good that you 2 can laugh abt it but so sakit hati one

12:53 AM  
Anonymous ariel said...

omigosh...i got soo pissed off juz reading your entry.. you so baik one...if i were in your shoes, i think the girl wouldnt see the light of day..heh heh.. the atrocity of it all..
hope sun is feeling much better..

12:54 AM  
Blogger MA said...


Go to the tribunal and get your case heard and money refunded. It's time to teach all these people a lesson.


Greenhorn like this are giving professional sales people a bad name.

1:08 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

atn & ariel,
sakit hati.... especially since they sell their products under 'syariah and islamic' tagline.

the HQ replied my complaint, they addresses me as 'valued customer', hahaha, big laugh.

The agent's appa is concerned if we are planning to sue. No lah, no case really, cant afford a lawyer pon. Sigh..., the heart of the matter is other people should not kena aniaya too. It will be irresponsible of me if i dont do anything, thus why i am filing formal complaint. See what they will do lah.

Sun is sunny again. Alhamdulillah.

1:16 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

mak andeh,
tribunal? what tribunal? For the consumer in general issit? WIll contact u for details. Can?

1:17 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Boy, it sure is gonna be hard to stop myself from peeing in my pants the next time I see you! You so garang one ah??

And just to make it clear, so you dont hamtam (my Spore boss' way of saying "hentam")me, I DONT SELL INSURANCE!

1:42 AM  
Blogger ummi said...

trust you to add humor to whatever misfortune you face.

i especially like your posting title...ingat kan cerita hindustan ape ke...

BTW...did u check your e-mail?

2:16 AM  
Blogger dr in the house said...

Masyallah! I am itching to know this Insurance company. So sickening one!

And this giggly fresh graduate...hmm...this must be those type of parents who never let their kids grow up!

Go and invest your money in a reliable company Ood!

But Ood, I thot you said the place you work provides medical benefits for the kids as well?

3:02 AM  
Blogger MA said...

Ood :

Its the Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna.

Chck it here :

Ingat tak kes amoi beli kereta from used car company, and 3 yrs later bila nak jual - puspakom found out that itu kereta potong. She won the case.

I have a feeling that the Appa and the Amma oso sell insurance. The giggly agent is just an apprentice.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yang, go and call my sister, call my mummy and get her hp number since she works in AIG and can suggest proper insurance cover for medical. Haiyo why go through all those heartaches! Kesian + geram+ geli hati le.

12:38 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

just dont make me angry lah. I like Eric BAnner one, i i marah, i panar! Yes, i marah2 in my squeaky voice. yamtuan kata, orang tak comeh langsung. Haha..

i will check my email RIGHT after this!

Dr House,
i bought that before i join this company. Yes, the kids and i are covered now. Pantai hospital. But his pediatrician is at Assunta and we are so comfortable with her we would prefer to go Assunta than consult a stranger at Pantai. Sigh... maybe i should start shopping around for new doctor for them at pantai now kan?

Yes, i should get a PROPER insurance, not kedai kopi back alley type kan?

Mak Andeh,
yes, appa amma koko popo also sell. This morning she called saying that if i dont take my money back today, it will be forfeited. But the insurance company HQ said they want to investigate, if i take my money case close la kan?

Will check the tribunal. Thanks.

As usual, u are an oprah. Love u!

anonymous not quite,
AIG what aa? Ok, will ring ring them. Thanks!

4:55 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

ood, an turning green and tearing of my clothes already - and i dont look nice! so, little giggly girl with papa and mama - beware!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

alahai kak ood, seram/geram baca this entry...takpe this is a lesson, pasni carik insurance co betul2 ek..

hope everything ok..

9:21 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Lesson learnt: Don't buy insurance from fresh-faced giggly agent. I would have written her off on the first instance if I knew she sends sms's with words like Akom, bleh, skang, etc etc. Very the unprofessional one!

A-ahlah, ingatkan cerita Hindustan tadi :)

11:59 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

i shake and shiver to hear the horror of you turning green and having clothes all torn off. Sure will give me nightmares!

the insurance company is investigating the matter.

mak andeh,
i have called tribunal, the lady who attended to me sid she also kena with the same company! But tribunal cannot handle insurance cases. Must go to PIAM Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia.

Queen O-Sister of Anedra,
i told her today that i have properly filed a complaint on her and agent, she replied (via sms of course),
Sis, i praud of u. U done profesionally. Insyallah everything would be in order.i'll take ur case as pengajaranfor me. i've done my part.the right will be on urside. amin'

isnt she such a sweetheart? I feel like pinching/punching her cheeks already!


1:34 AM  
Blogger drbubbles said...

ayoyo..crazy la tat girl...silap la messed dgn incredible "ood" hulk...hehehe

6:06 PM  
Blogger MA said...

OOd :

which insurance company, if u dont mind ? Nanti I tanya my frens in the insurance industry.

2:17 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

iskandar, i am NOT Incredible Hulk. I am Incredible Bulk.

Mak Andeh,
it is T*****L.

6:36 AM  

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