Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Buzz Buzz

Remember how I complained about having too much time in my hands?

That all I did the whole day at the office was to blog-blog-blog-pumpmilk-blog-blog-blog-goloo-blog-blog-eat-blog-blog and nothing else? You know how I felt so unproductive and heavy and lethargic from having nothing to do? Those good ole days when I came in at 1100 and leave as early as 4.30? And declared cuti as and when I feel like I was the sultanah of darul serdang? Remember how I was always saying that my mind was made for greater things, I did not pass mathematics (calculus all) just to blog-blog-blog-pumpmilk-blog-blog-blog-goloo-blog-blog-eat-blog-blog? I did not go to university for long long years and bled from the nose all just so I could be an ornamental object at the office? Remember? Those days when I could wear shorts and singlet to office and read blogs squatting on the cupboard also no body would know or care? That if I choked on a drumstick and fell dead on the floor nobody would even realize my sad pathetic demise until my body went all bloated and popped with a bang? And how I could practice target shooting until I could hit seven mosquitos with just one good squirt? And how I started to chat up the walls and by the end of the second year, when the walls started to answer back, I knew it was time to go. Or my sanity. Hehehe..

I am now 3 months at the new place, and OMG I tell you, OMG, I am so busy it is no laughing matter. OMG.

It feels like stepping down after a rollercoaster ride, and your knees feel all wobbly and the world doesn’t feel as flat as it is supposed to be? Except I haven’t stepped down yet. I am STILL on the rollercoaster thing. It is exhilarating and all that and I am having fun and I am going wheeeeeeeee and makkkkkkkkkkkk and pumped up with adrenalin and I get this high and kick and all the jazz.. but I am also bracing myself for the vomit that I know is bound to come up.

Almost everyday I go home late, sometimes I reach home an hour before midnight. Most of the days, Yamtuan would pick up the children, bathe them, cook, feed them and tuck them in. Most days Sun would eat freshly-thawed porridges and Dot would have rice with just tomato ketchup or marmite. Oh well, I don’t expect Yamtuan to serve beriani chicken or mutton masala or what.

Most days I would go home to a cranky husband and sleeping children. Or worse, I would be the one cranky like a camel.

When sometimes I get to leave the office early, I would be home armed with homework. Which is really not so bad. I would then able to feed the family proper, play with the kids and sometimes with Yamtuan too and tuck them all to bed like a dutiful mommy and wifey. Then I would open up my files and whatnots and get immersed back in that WWW, Wonderful World of Work.

I am too busy to answer emails, too busy to answer calls, too busy too busy too busy. I haven’t been blogging as often as I used too, and I miss my old haunts. Some ....ehem, lazy spots like Anedra and Ummi and Maya are fine. I can keep up with them. But the efficient ones like Ely and Mak Andeh and AuntyN, haiyo… I really cannot keep up. It would be days before I manage to open one and do ‘revision’. I could not leave comments because whatever I wanted to say would be by then too stale, too late. And I miss their company, yes I do. I would see some of their YM faces go yellow but too busy to say hi. And I wanted to write about that wonderful wonderful lunch I had with Ummi, Maya and Anedra but no time also. Funny how I had birthday lunch with cyber-friends. And I wanted to email Kak Teh and Buntat my cousin, to say, thank you for the MMS message but I thought you know my phone is the tikam-type and it doesn’t come with a mouse so how to download download? I cant retrieve the messages but I don’t delete them either. Who knows, one fine day, I will manage to tikam a better handphone? Ya?

And Crimsonskye, MobileMom, RedKebaya, NohaChomel, AuntieYan, r3dpanda, Nefernoti, Ailin, Atenah, Ely, Iskandar, AuntyN, mamiJarum, Jokontan, QOTH, Imp and those who visited and said all those wonderful things for my birthday and rallying behind me in the Say No to Oven campaign, thank you thank you.

2006 is gonna be a great year, ya?

Sigh, cant i just blog-blog-blog-pumpmilk-blog-blog-blog-goloo-blog-blog-eat-blog-blog and do nothing else at the office? Oh Puke.


Blogger anedra said...


Dengan ini saya merasmikan blog pertama Anakikan untuk tahun 2006. I.T'S A.B.O.U.T T.I.M.E!!

Hehehe...I just had to. HAD to!

You busy busy bee! But am glad to hear that you're happy at this new job place and that things are going fine. 2006 is definitely going to be a fine and dandy year! Oh yes it will!

11:50 PM  
Blogger anasalwa said...

hey you ood,
no matter how busy you are, you have to take care of yourself. that is your first priority. when you get sick you're no good to anybody even to yourself. so, take good care of yourself, okay?

2:41 AM  
Blogger ummi said...

oh GOD...
how can i ever feel sorry for you ood. i want to...but your posting is just so hilarious.HAHAHAHAHAHA

anyway...we should thank Yamtuan for his patience and understanding ya?!!
without him Sun & Dot will have to go sleep hungry.
make it up to him once all this bz bz thing is over okay?!

Happy New Year my dear. When you are REALLY free, buzz me. We can go for New Year Lunch celebration pulak.

2:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dey makcik, aparah...jangan komplen banyak2, good things would not last poreber if you do so. Anyway, me as a friend pray that you would have a splendid year and hopefully more money to come eh! Can belanja when I finally return to the prodigal land of no longer Bolehland.

*nyaris pedup tgk blog tak updet2...

4:20 AM  
Blogger dr in the house said...

Ood- The way you describe your present hectic schedule, I feel like puking too!

Did you really read blogs aquatting on the cupboard? heheh

Tikam handphones? Mine also like that. as long can talk and sms, enuff laa.

Oody, you take care, my dear!

p.s. Yamtuan is a great fella! That one sure not tikam one!

6:27 AM  
Blogger anggerik merah said...

happy new year to you..

10:22 AM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Ood .. you so busy but have not lost your sense of humour. Whatever you do, stay calm, stay sane. And be thankful for that man at home who's doing all the tucking-in, bathing the kids and ketchup feeding.

Rollercoaster and adrenaline- pumping at work could be fun you know ..... half a lifetime (or so) ago, I was like you. Went out when the ground was still dark and got home when the sky was dark, almost midnight and all .... nasib baik tak jadi macam Cinderella! Hang in there ... the rewards will be good, betul!

5:59 PM  
Blogger JoKontan said...

Greeeeeeaaat !! to have you back.

Back Blogging.

Yamtuan Must be One Helluva Guy !

Tak dapat setiap hari cam those prolific Auntiess, sebolan 2X, pun udah cukoop.

Have A GREAT Year !

9:24 PM  
Blogger MA said...

About time !

I was afraid that your buns were going to get burnt ! Lama sangat dalam oven.

Well, moral of the story is - it's better to have a job to complain about, rather than complaining that you have no job.

Got job, got money lah.

To be prolific like me and AN (kata Tj lah kan) - find employment with (foreign) company that is high with Life Balance. Most local company dont believe in that.

1:07 AM  
Blogger Edward Ott said...

Just goes to show you don't know when you have it good.

2:19 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

clap clap clap thank you anedra clap clap clap!

i am at a slower pace today at the office, the all important meeting was over yesterdy, so today, can blog blog. You better update twice today OR ELSE.

worry not, i do take care. I have piles of food just within reach and my handbag is filled up with anti-histamine and panadol and minyak kapak and vicks all! I am all stocked up for long winter! ;o)
Thank you.

i am happy here, (yes yes, despite the complaints). And today i am a bit free. I plan to call everyone in my list and maybe i will start with the page for names under K. Ya?

i love it here la mek! Hehehe...
worry not, i am saving 20 cents a day in the piggy bank to belanja you proper when you come back.

dr house,
when i was in disneyland, i took one of the rollercoaster rides. You see, i always have major motion sickness problem. naik buai also i puke. So, kat disney, naik the train and i came down muntah muntah. Then stubbornly i took another ride and puke puke. And another and puke more. Hehehe... So by the time the day was over, i have puked an ocean!

Analogy lah ni. I am having fun here still, the ups the downs are all part of the fun package.


and for the record, yep, i didnt win yamtuan at the funfair, hehehehe.. he came free with the Horror House token! Hehehe...

Anggerik Merah,
happy new year too! Time sure flies. Feel like it was just yesterday we went into hiding for fear of the Y2K bug kan? Suddenly it is 2006!

i am having fun. And actually, truth be told, i feel guilty for enjoying it too much at the expense of the family. I am lucky that Yamtuan is Prince Charming, but i have to keep on reminding myself that he must not be taken for granted kan? After he turn into big bad wolf how? Habis lah kena huff and puff!

oi why dont answer my email?

You have a wild year too!!

Mak Andeh Oprah,
oh no i must have left the wrong impression. I like it here. In fact i am planning to work here until i berjaya menggulingkan the CEO and become Super Supreme Leader and launch rockets to stubborn other leaders who refuse to acknowledge my power and then i will be ruling the world. Kalau the new James Bond is Robbie Williams, ok lah, i will surrender. Gladly.

Edrawrd Ott,
aaahhh... i am harmless really, hot air and nothing else. :o)
Oi i have been to your site, beautiful sons you have. Triplets? Woweee..

5:07 PM  
Anonymous ariel said...

gasp...!! she 's back.. the oodster's back..
hehehe .. Happy New Year !! i ve been taking peeks to see when you are gonna update :-) hmph.. now we'll see when DENA is gonna update hers, still relaxing after her jaunt must be... lucky gal.. :-P
OOOOODDD.. we must must meet this year , you hear :-P

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cik Odd really like your cousin name lah... very unique... real name eyy??

5:31 AM  
Blogger Maya said...


Yes Happy New Year to you and may this year bring you much happiness.

I think you got that wrong there...it's supposed to be sleeping husband and cranky children....OR was it really a cranky husband? *wink* *wink*

And you think you can make judgements like calling my blog a lazy spot? Wait till I see you the next time...you are so tiny I could lift you up and fling you into outer space! And then you will become the space traveler that you so badly want to become.

I wonder how much you were hassled to add this entry but I aint complaining. Always nice to read your entries :)

Btw, didya really wear shorts and singlets to work? Anyone would have thought that a kid from a nearby nursery had escaped! Hehehehe

Wishing you and yours the very best - the warmth, the happiness and success that you truly deserve. ANd lots of luck. Warmest.

4:06 PM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

ahhh...an update from you is always an "ahh" moment.

8:39 PM  
Blogger MamiJarum said...

Phew! And my comment comes in 1 errk late... Ooops!! Buzzzzyyyyy... Now it's my turn to do the job hunting!

Glad that you're enjoying your new job despite being really, really busy!!! Looks like 2006 is looking up for you!!! :D

3:41 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

we gotta meet we gotta meet! After 8th. How?

Buntat not real name, childhood name. I should have stopped calling her using that name, but i think it is adorable and i totally adore her. ;o)

Maya oh maya,
we last met LAST YEAR. I have so grown since we last met by inches and inches. To fling me to outer space, you need now use both hands. But i would travel to the moon (in apek's singlets and shorts too) and back for you anytime!

Birthday lunch?

aaahhhh, and seeing you here is my 'aaahhh'(s).

have a year-through of good lucks this year and all the coming years too!!!

12:52 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

oody, i miss u much much. so dont forget to come for our mommies sleepover in singapore in July ok!

ok, i shall slow down on my blogging (as i already have)for ur sake.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Irfan Dzahier said...

look at my blog at dzahier.blogspot.com

4:08 AM  
Blogger Irfan Dzahier said...

Waaa.. like last year u complain boring.. this year..waaa really sound like a corporate women lah. I think YamTUan have to take a maid to help him out with the chores. Thank God its YamTuan If its me... I bring the kids camping at Tasik Titiwangsa while mommy working.
About pumping milk...he he he soon you don't hafta. Children grow..

8:52 AM  

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