Sunday, August 07, 2005

Busy Week Part II

My eyes are both red and swollen. They are generating like eeeeuuww amount of eeeuuwww discharge and so I wake up in the mornings with eyes glued together like baby kittens. Except Yamtuan would not come near me or help clean my eyes like mother kittens would. I have to feel my way to the bathroom and wash my eyes myself. When my kids have conjunctivitis, I just squirt some breastmilk into their eyes. Works like a charm. Except I can't do it to my own eyes. The ‘eyedrops’ are not located strategically for the purpose. And this kind of thing you don’t go around asking for donors either. I am learning to distort myself and bend and fold and say hayahhh to aim right. One sweet day, soon, i'll master the art.

And so in the meantime, I suffer. To make myself less icky to others I put on my very alternative eyewear. Red geeky frame with pink tinted glasses. No, they don’t go well with my career. Or my age. Or my attire. Or today’s fashion. Or Yamtuan for that matter. But never mind. The world will have to suffer my red glasses. It is either that or my red eyes (with yellow discharge supereeuuw category).

I have been rather busy the whole of last week. And what a dramatic week that was too. Major headlines of last week;
1. My hamsters died
Will write a tribute page for them. In the meantime, tafakur people, tafakur.
2. Sun fell off the bed
He was born in the year of the monkey. Enough said. Am seriously considering to invest in a cage.
3. Dot had a fever
The GP found pus in her piss and so we were afraid that she had urinary tract infection. We went to see a paediatrician and spent the whole morning waiting for Dot to give a sample of her urine. She could not perform under duress, haha. We used all tactics; pujuk, rasuah, threat and amarah. We gave her the sample bottle, cannot. And then nurses attached a collection bag down there, and we forced her to drink lotsa water… it took hours! Results were negative, so the paed was positive that it wasnt UTI.
4. Bumped into all the Malaysian Idol finalists at Holiday Villa
Not that I watch the show. I was hoping to bump into the alleycats hair tho. Didnt get lucky. Oh but i saw Ali Mamak there!
5. Went Yamtuan’s kampung
Mother-in-law asked us to balik kampong to take bidara (mata kucing) and langsat. To get to the trees, we had to cross a paddy field and then a 2m-wide stream infested with leeches. Awesome or what! Yamtuan does have the best of kampong! He is such a Tikus Kampung and I am a Tikus Pinggir Bandar!!
6. Mawi won big time
I read in Metro that his fans spent about RM13million on smses. So with his win of about half a million, it is actually such a small fraction to what Astro and Maxis are getting. Hmmm… I should set up either (a) my own telecommunication company (b) my own broadcasting company (c) produce my own reality show (d) marry Mawi
Item (d) seems more attractive due to my limited funds. I need to discuss this matter further with my Tikus Kampung. With the condition of my eyes right now, he would perhaps agree too readily.


Blogger anedra said...

alamak! kasihannya! hope u get better soon. I'd offer to squirt some leftover b****t milk, but dont think yamtuan wd approve! hehehe!
btw, (d) is not, i repeat, is NOT an option. back off! ok?? ;p

1:00 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

wooh! am i in the right blog? so, kalau yamtuan dapat conjunctivitis, how? dont write here - just send sms in graphics! or picture better the name of research, you understand?

3:41 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

oody, long time no see gurl! so sorry to hear abt ur hamster and ur kids. and i hope that ur eyelids have detached...enough to see this comment hehehe.

missed ya.

5:56 AM  
Blogger shidah said...

conjuctivitis boleh jangkit thru blogs - I've done research on that. HamsterS died? Not one? What do u do? Step on them while finding your way to the bathroom?

6:50 AM  
Blogger ummi said...

masa baca ni...rasa macam nak tergelak guling2...but than the isi (of this entry) is supposed to be something sad...
so ood...i am guilty...but i had to laugh...
i am sorry though about yr hamster...& i hope your eyes are better today.

& oh...about that Mawi thing...saw gambar tunang dia dalam berita harian today...if u r as cute as her...i think u'd pass as his 2nd choice

6:49 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

i said FRESH breastmilk, not yogurt, so, no thank you. :oP

will send you video. I am quite a sharpshooter you know...

long time no 'see' you say! Pun intended?

the whole colony died! And i am to blame. Berdosa. maybe the eyes are just a hint of other calamities coming my way.. sob sob.

i am older than the tunang, so i should be first choice, not second. On the cuteness, alah, mawi is not superficial, i just KNOW. I am Quran reading champion too. Extra marks what!

7:23 PM  

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