Monday, July 25, 2005

Adam Ahmad

I think that time I was in Form 1. I was 12. It was probably 1982 or 83.

Adam Ahmad made his debut on television. There was this composing competition and he was representating who-don’t –remember with the song Kau Pergi Jua. I think Kazar was in it too with his song, something about the sufferings of fishermen. Of course, why would I remember a song about fishermen when Adam Ahmad was making me bleed through the nose?

Tahukah kau di dalam hati ku ini
Tersimpan perasaan cinta yang suci
Kau bunga
Ingin ku sunting mu menjadi milikku
Lantas kuabadikan dalam jiwaku

And so, Adam Ahmad became my first crush. At 12, I haven’t discovered boys yet. I saw no difference between me and a boy. I was still running around the house ‘berlengging’ to mak’s disapproval. I was such a kid still. Didn’t know the difference between ‘cinta’ and ‘tinta’ even. But Adam Ahmad was something else. He was different. When he sang that song, when he cried out how much he regretted not telling the girl his feelings before she died, and he looked straight into the camera; my heart skipped a beat and I was all shy, didn’t know where to rest my gaze because it was at me he looked, it was for me he sang. Such a terrible crush.

That time I was in boarding school. I could not afford to buy a cassette, even the cetak rompak ones. There was a scholarship, RM30 for a year or a term, I can’t remember. It was for me to buy biscuits and jams and whatnots; those years I was constantly hungry and dewan makan food was not exactly enough (never mind the taste). Hallo, I was twelve okaye? Those were the famine years, Live Aid - We are The World, remember?

We were not allowed to bring radios to school and if we were caught having cassettes in our possession, the warden said he would put our names in a Black Book (until today i still don’t know what the Black Book was, or even if it existed at all and what harm could befall those who got listed in the book). Kids being kids, some of us did manage to smuggle in cassettes. Walkmans were allowed but nah, couldn’t afford it either. Even batteries were considered expensive back then.

One of the seniors had Adam Ahmad’s cassette. I remember borrowing her cassette and borrowing another friend’s walkman to listen to him. This would be done after the night curfew, after the wardens had made their rounds. I would be under the covers, listening to Adam Ahmad and yes, berdarah-darah hidung throughout. It was a costly affair; the batteries and the Black Book menace!

I promised myself that when I have my own money, when one day I become so rich until gaji makan tak habis, I would buy his cassette.

Adam Ahmad soon disappeared from the music scene. There were gossips that he had gone mad because a girl jilted him (I would just KILL the girl). But he disappeared alright.

Detik-detik yang indah
Di masa kita bersama dulu
Ku harap akan dikenang
Sehingga akhir hayatmu
Hanya Tuhan sahaja yang Maha Mengetahui
Bagaimana pilunya hati ini
Meninggalkan kau sendiri
Dengan perpisahan ini
Ku harap kau bersabar

After my degree, and with my first engineer salary, I went to one music store in Chow Kit.
‘Adam Ahmad ada?’ this was more than ten years after his debut album.
‘Ini ka?’ and showed me Ahmadi Hasan’s cassette.
‘Bukan! Bukan! Adam Ahmad! Awal 80an punya. Itu kaset gambar dia pegang bunga punya!’
‘Ini ka?’ and showed me dusty Sons of Adam’s.

And since everything that towkey suggested was wrong, he asked me to go look for it myself. Not on the shelf of course but in his dusty boxes back in the store. Funny. I found Muhaini Suratman, Gaya Zakri, Roy & Fran, Zaleha Hamid, Noor Kumalasari… older cassettes than Adam Ahmad’s, even Sakura Teng was still there. He had everything from the 1960s all but none from the early 80s. How can? How can?

And so my quest for Adam Ahmad continued. I combed through all the music stores in Chow Kit, Petaling Street, Bandahilir, Muar, Kluang, Batu Pahat…everywhere. But I could not find him. I sent letters to radio stations and recording companies, nobody replied. Nobody even remembered my (possessive tu) Adam Ahmad. I even went through the phone directory calling many people from Ahdam Ahmad to Adam Ahmed… all I tried (except engaging a P.I's or Bomoh's service), still I could not find him. I went in a toko karpet at jalan TAR because its name was Adam Ahad. Couldnt find Adam Ahmad there, no, he did not sell carpets.

I got engaged with someone who knew many people from the music industry. And I told the guy, I want Adam Ahmad’s albums as hantaran. As you may have guessed, he wasn’t my jodoh. He could not find Adam Ahmad and we broke the engagement (for other reasons, of course).

Sometimes over Rima KL (radio channel for oldies and asli songs), they played Adam Ahmad. I wrote to them, no reply.

And one day on tv, i saw an ad of a compilation album from artistes of the 1980s. There was ONE Adam Ahmad’s song, the popular Kau Pergi Jua. Yamtuan bought it for me. And over I found two more songs. Downloaded them. And now Yamtuan told me, RMKL is always playing another one of his song. Maybe I will write to RMKL.

My quest has not ended. En Adam Ahmad, if you are reading this, don’t call me! After I pengsan! Anyone who has both his albums, please sell them to me. I have promised myself that I would own them. Even though I am not rich yet, and my gaji still makan tak cukup, I think it is way past time for me to honour my hajat (I can go without meals for a few days). I want his albums!!!!

Hari demi hari
Ku nanti dan ku nanti
Cahaya yang akan menerangi
Bila kan ku pandang
Alam maya ini
Dalam gelap ku rasa
Kehadiran Mu
Mungkinkah di suatu hari
Nanti akan dapat aku temui
Segala apa yang ku citakan selama ini..


Blogger AuntyN said...

Yey, yey, I am the first one to komen today.

I remember Adam Ahmad and that song tu. Nice but not as fanatic as you lah ni.

Wah tak kan putus tunang pasai tak bagi Album Adam Ahmad ad hantaran kut, itu sudah lebih tu.. Nasib baik Yamtuan tu understanding tu.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous nefertiti said...

yeehaa!!ada new post...
ood, try finding the song in
sometimes you can download old malay songs from there..check lah noo..

1:46 AM  
Anonymous nefertiti said...

ood!! ada la kat i've just downloaded it. go now and download yours.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah betul2 obses ni. kesian kalau hajat tak kesampaian. so fellow bloggers, have pity on ood!

2:01 AM  
Blogger PKD said...

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Symbiote the Dog, however, eats bugs and spits acid.

2:04 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

weyyy..I'm so totally lost! have never heard of Adam Ahmad! in those years I was into Wham!, Roy and Fran etc..nyanyi sikit OOD, nak dengar sikit?? :)

2:18 AM  
Blogger Vittorio D'Amore said...

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2:38 AM  
Blogger hana_kirana said...

Sis Anedra...

Wa ala dia punya empitli. Wa ingat aaa... ini OOD sistah osso got one. OOD sistah, yu wan mi to help yu to pasang this song kah? So det eveliwan ken hear it. Or if yu wan to pasang yourself, osso ken.

Ishk, ensem pulak aku nengok si Keith ni. Oi, Keith aku kem salam kat ko...

3:07 AM  
Blogger dell said...

hehe 1982 saya baru lahir :D

4:46 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Towkey empitli HK!

I waaan! I waaan! OODy I waaan to risten! Pasang for me ok??

5:20 AM  
Blogger 4 TR4P PR1NC3SS said...

err I was like 5 in 1982. The way you minat gila at this Adam Ahmad makes me really want to hear that song. Can you play that song in your blog? Nak dengar sesangatlah.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

who he?

6:41 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

rumah saya senang nak jadi the first to arrive, rumah Auntyn manyak susah wo!

Yamtuan sporting, nasib baik. Dia tolong carikan sama pon ada. Kalau dia mood baik, dia tolong nyanyikan sambil lari keliling pasu bunga. Dia ok.

Nefertiti the Noti,
later you compile for me and burn cd osso. Then we have excuse to go dating, yes?

yesss, obsessed is the word (as much as i hate to admit it).

7:15 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Keith & Vttorio ni i think is 'bulk' response lah, sure ada what keyword so they come in, not that they read or able to understand malay.
Keith henskom na?

of course you donno him. You were not even made yet in 1982! (Kan?)

Hana Keith,
i tried very the susah one. My internet is stoooopid one kind. Everything also page cannot display. U help can? Can i demand a bit? Dont just give the Kau Pergi Jua, give osso his other songs, like Bersamamu (haiya, this one listen die), and Cahaya (this one bleed), and whatever u can find loh. Can ah? I take u teh tarik one day. Later you and me must find this Adam Ahmad and make him pay us royalti a bit.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous hartini said...

I bet if Adam Ahmad was reading this, he'd be blushing till his face bursts. *LOL*

Ood, I tak pernah dengar nama dia lah... but then I never really followed Malay music except Roy & Fran - influence kat sekolah lah ni... That time, giler Michael Jackson. Tapi now, MJ dah tak main lagi, ok. :D

Got his pic too?

7:24 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

You were born when i was 12 ya? Hmmm... can timang you mah!

And you kuci-kuci-kuci you were 5? Maybe cannot timang, but can wash you.

kak teh,
Who he you say? Spoiler!
I was hoping, of all people, YOU would know his house address and be the one to put a happy ending to this. Sob! Sob! Alas.. not gonna happen yet.

7:26 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Adam Ahmad was not a looker. Dia macam mamak sikit, dark skin, sad eyes, huge geeky glasses, shy and awkward. A few years back, he masuk musik musik (juara lagu) final one time. He didnt sing, dah jadi composer. And tv showed a glimpse of him, dah nampak tebal dah, tak lah henskom. Tapi suara dia meleleh leleh mendayu dayu, lenggok langgam idgham all cukup. It is his voice, not his face. I hope mungkin anak cucu dia will come across this page when they googled him,ya? Who knows?

Wait, let Hana Keith pasang lagu tu, then u see hidung you berdarah tak.. ;oD

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Hana Keith aka Mrs. Keith said...

Occay, occay... U ols... ini la dia salah satu lagu Adam Ahmad yang meletopzz, sentiasa menghijau (evergreen) giteww....

Tangkap lentoq, leleh semua i tell youuu.... semua leleh... air mata, air hidung, air mulut semua semua lah...

Enjoy the song, u ols....!

P/s: HK = Hana Keith macam sesuwei ajer kan? hikhikhiks

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Mrs Amd said...

I thought i'm the only one who crazy about him . The way you describe him masa tengah nyanyi dlm pertandingan sama macam I felt .Deja vu betul . I did bought his second album tapi dah rosak sebab selalu sangat dimainkan .Do you remember dia pernah berlakon dalam satu rancangan komedi tv .Lagi sekali jatuh cinta . I even asked my friend's sister to kirim salam masa di tgh study kat ITM. Ayooo, banyaknya melalut ari ni .Jangan my hubby terbaca ni sudah ...kang perang pulak.

11:11 PM  
Blogger iJun said...

Do you know that Adam Ahmad plays golf? Not a bad player osso hehe.

Ingat tak this song:

Tibanya di sini
Bagai terulang lagi
Kisah yang indah
Di antara kita berdua

Sehingga di sini
Tiada berpaling lagi
Kita berteman
Seiring jalan dan sehaluan

( korus )
Sama sama menjejak mimpi
Sama sama mencari dan menanti
Segalanya direstui cinta sejati
Sama sama gunung didaki
Sama sama turun ke lembah sepi
Suka duka bersama dirasai

11:55 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Hana Keith,
yippity!!! Oh, daku menjadi keJiwangan lah seharian ni. Terima lah kasih ku wahai Hana Keith (yes, very the sesway)!

Mrs Amd,
ye ke dia masuk ITM? Tahun bila? Course apa? Boleh check kat alumni ni. Ssshh.. i wont tell mr.amd.

dia main golf? where? how you know? do you know him personally? can i be his caddie?

lagu FREEDOM!! Seha (budak sek sains kuantan) + Shuib!! I even remember the dance steps. Ada one shuib's killer song, something about, 'biar genting usah berputus terus' like that, also shiok. I like!

12:23 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

Anedra (reply sms),
of course you know the song!! All aunties do (except some makcik in london) Best kan? But you know the song, but didnt the singer? How can lah!

12:24 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

heheheh! now that ijun mentioned the guy singing with Seha..I vaguely can ingatlah! I had a good laugh listening to the aunties in my office singing this.

Beeyootiful song alright. Good enuff to take away the stress of my painful-stressful-sakit hati day!

12:31 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

aiseh..salah baca ijun's comment. so it wasn't adam ahmad and seha. it's shuib..yes!

so, I don't remember adam ahmad.
what am I missing out on??

12:37 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

haha... you are SO related to some makcik blur, definitely. Dont ask why.

Shuib-seha-freedom has nothing to do at all with adam ahmad. Sedara pon bukan! Freedom band came out with a debut album i think in 1987 ka like that, late 80s.

eh, i like Wham! too, Andrew Ridgeley is SO sexy i think.

1:16 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

I was in love with George Michael for a while, that time I thought "gay" meant "happy/merry". I fell outa love with him when I grew wiser a few years later. Sakit jiwa masa tu.

And I also did a little pom-pom dance at school to "Wake me Up Before You Go-Go". Yeah, was a pom-pom girl before!!

1:23 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

i used to work with adam ahmad's brother,abg osman. maybe i can try n hook u up, kena korek2 buku alamat lama ni.gimme some time. some boy band has done a cover version of this song but failed to do it like mr adam. tak cukup feel la mereka.

1982 masa tu i darjah dua, tapi dari kecik mmg i tengok apa2 pertandingan lagu lagu.kazar saisi pun ada suara bagus eh?

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've just started reading your blog and enjoyed every word of it. Yeah Adam Ahmad was my idol of the 80s..fulamak jiwa habis..hmm

i got to know his songs first from my first boyfriend, he said listen to this (over the phone), i dedicate every word of it to you and i thought wah jiwa2 keapa budakni. at that point i hated it. but one day while mengelamun, his kau pergi kua berkumandang and got hitched to his voice and songs. i quickly got myself his cassette and enjoyed every minute of it. then one afternoon just as i was about to step into the house (balik sekolah), my dad stood sheepishly in front of his filipino guests and said to me 'bapak kasi casette Adam Ahmad ni pada dia ye nanti beli baru'. Nak cakap apa..lepas tu Rindu Se Rindu2 yaaaa..cassette pun takdak

7:32 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

aiyoh oody, adam ahmad was my idol babes!

suara lunak mcm ayam masak cili padi!

wonder how he looks like now.

4:48 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

so you think if George michael not gay he would fall for you? And you pompom girl sum more! I watched the videoclip of go go song, haiya, the two of them looks so much like girls.. but it was the 80s, huge gender confusion era. What about prince? He was such a princess!

i LOVE you! I LOVE YOU YOU YOU! And i LOVE youuuuuuuuuuu!! A glimmer of hope, at long last! Thank you!

Oh Kazar was good too, but he didnt make it big as a singer. He's into acting now.

You are a song writer, and you sing too. Bestnya! Dont you think that it is inspiring that certain songs move people so much and the effect lasts for years and years? and years!

dia BEST kan? Oh, it has been so long since anybody used the word 'jiwa-jiwa' ehehehe... So you and me both partners jiwa-jiwa of/to Adam Ahmad! You should sue your father you know! Unforgivable! ;o)

he was big in singapore too? Yeah, another score, one more thing you and i have in common, yey (anedra, :oP)

7:50 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

OOD: takpe..takpe..

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

adam ahmad - bersamamu, new hit in town

8:53 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

OOd, give me a singer in platform shoes, flares wide enough to break your fall and afro hairstyle, and I'll give you the number. anyone after merdeka, I cant help you.

9:21 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

for a second there i thought u said, Adam Ahmad with me, bersama saya... oh, u were referring to the song! I thought you were adam ahmad hisself! hehe..
Yes! The song. Yes! Ada MP3?

Kak Teh,
kak teh tau lagu dalam cerita Perempuan Melayu Terakhir? Lagu lama sangat, Di wajahmu ku lihat bulan.. etc. I think he was sebelum perang jepun punya time. hehe..

12:58 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

yg i tau..di wajahmu ku lihat sinaran bercahaya..uji and hail.

i dunno where that came from, suddenly it popped out fr the crevices of my memory.

8:19 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

i remember that song too.. Sejak umoq berapa you dah start paying attention to composing songs?

8:32 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

i am a member at ummikusayang!! I have called them once nak beli buku, that time the lady - your friend was pregnant and so was i. Alas, the book was out of stock!
What a small world!

11:49 PM  
Blogger Improser said...

Wey Odd...
That's Odd...I remember Adam Ahmad a specky guy...big mamak a bit rite???
Yeah he sang his heart out..If you have that song share laaa...Nak jugak tau

8:47 AM  
Blogger carlito said...

Can you send me those Zaleha Records you found in that one store? and maybe some of those others from the 60's ? I will pay you for them! I have the same type of obsession with music... im searching the world for records by Zaleha Hamid!!!
a music fan in USA.

10:05 AM  
Blogger allmovierips said...

hi..i have a few adam ahmad's song which i donwloaded from multiply before they turn off the music download section last year...actually,there are many black record (piring hitam) that had been converted to mp3....but u have to find in Multiply where people shared their collection...but most of them only shares with serious of my favourite uploader is he linked to some old timer uploader...

actually i want to ask u...what is the title of this song...hari demi hari ku nanti dan ku nanti...cahaya yang akan menerangi...i just put it 'di mana cahaya' as i really dont know what is the title...i am just 21 but i really love this old song..1st time i listen to this in the "Nana Tanjung 2" movie.

anything feel free to email me ....

7:44 AM  

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