Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ali's Dictionary

It is now school holiday week. And it so happened that it is now the hungry ghost month. The gate of schools are open, hell is let loose!!!

My sister, her hubby and their brood have been in town since last Saturday. And my mom too. so I have been very very busy. For the first time, they bunked at my place. And so my place was like a country just got hit by a garuda, padang jarak padang tekukur. The kids were real something!

As I am typing this, they are on their way back to Johor. Phew, I said. It had been a very chaotic week indeed. But I am also left smiling and very very happy, almost delirious. This is now the calm after the storm phase. Ahhh…. The house suddenly feels as quiet as a mausoleum and I swear it has somehow expanded too. I am so going to miss the children. Fine little rascals they are! Love them to bits!

I hope i have justified why anakikan has been dormant lately. Yes yes, I have been kept occupied wth family matters. And as I spring clean anak ikan’s tank today I saw this piece on Ali’s Dict. I drafted it in June but for some reasons forgot to actually complete it. Oh well.

I was in a painfully lengthy meeting last week. There was me, Ali (the inventor), Harry (local guy) and two koreans (winter sonata.. yeeeha!). Ali would be describing to me his wants in his very own Ali Language. And i would translate that to Harry in English. Harry would tell Pak (Korean No.1) in Mandarin and Pak would tell Junsang (cant remember his name, so let's just name Korean No.2 as Junsang) in Korean. No wonder the meeting lasted from 1030 am to 8pm.The reason why i always act as translator for boss is because he has his own dictionary that for some reasons, i know better than others. His language is a wee bit different but rich nevertheless, one that must be shared.

catillory = category
wallaby = wildebeast
kerabi = kerabu
labak = lepak
macdonald = madonna
aroma = aura

I planned to update the list of words but obviously I didn’t. Maybe because i haven’t been paying much attention to what the boss is saying. But then again, there isn’t much to pay heed to. If during an all-important engineering meeting, things like, ‘macdonald is very sexy singer’ and ‘let us go labak at 1-utama for kerabi manggo’ and ‘I plan to improve my aroma energy’ were discussed, well, I might as well zonk out yes?

When I told my boss that I needed to take leave because my mom would be coming, he said,‘awak emak akan kata, oh anak sial saya tidak mahu cuti untuk saya.’ Ahhh… it sure is nice to have people put words into my mom’s mouth. Anak sial indeed.

And when I couldn’t reach for some files from the top of the shelf I made a wish out loud, ‘I would give anything to be just 2 inches taller’, Ali went tsk tsk tsk at me.
‘You know beauty is in the eyes. Don’t ever change’

Three atomic sized issues here.

First, are you implying that I am ugly because I am short? I am ugly and I am short but the two are not in consequence of each other.
Second, I don’t think I can will myself to grow the extra vertical inches. And in my limited demented brain capacity, I don’t think you can use botox or vitamin c injections or silicones too. I don’t think I can ‘ever change’, you know.
Third, what is wrong my eyes? Oh no…you are giving me another reason to feel rendah diri (pun intended) about?
Thank you for trying to make me feel better. Next time just keep quiet okay?

Yesterday I had wonderful wonderful wonderful lunch date with some warm-like-fresh-toast people (can I blog about it?). Boss needed me for some things so I asked him to please pick me up at the hotel.

I was so happy with how the lunch date turned out and was excitedly telling Ali, ‘we met for the first time and we got on so well with each other. It has been such a long time since I last had interesting conversations!’
And Ali went, ‘aiyah… you make me feel so bad! I am not interesting meh?’
‘No Ali, I did not mean it that way. Let me rephrase, I haven’t had INTELLIGENT conversation for so long.’
‘Ahhh… better!’

My boss Ali, isn’t he such a duhh-ling?


Blogger anedra said...

Not too long ago, I was checking out some moisturiser at a dept store. The sales girl came up to me and started "selling" the face cream to me. She said "If u use this, your face will look more RENAISSANCE". Of course, I did not buy..I wasn;t too sure what a renaissanced face would turn out like. I'm sure though that renaissance=radiant in her dictionary!!

And as for Ali, the poor guy. Have mercy on him Oody! He's sweet lah. Picked u up and all! :)

12:16 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

well, i reluctantly admit that he can be sweet. But as in anything sweet, must be taken in small doses only. Tak baik eh?

and anedra, you ARE renaissance like macdonald.

12:55 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

oh btw,
anedra, that radiance, are you pregnant? Or just active :o) hehehe

12:57 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

pelangkung kang baru hang tau!

1:15 AM  
Blogger ummi said...

dare i imagine how this Ali look like???

& don't u feel special to be one of the few people who understand his vocabulary?

p.s. thank god u r back...miss your writing tremendously....

1:49 AM  
Blogger MamiJarum said...

Yah! Miss your writing badly Babydoll! Anyhooo... You soo funny!! When can we have lunch then?

2:32 AM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

hahah...tak larat nak gelak la...sama mcm my fren punya situation

2:34 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

this is too funny hahaha. yeah oody dont grow 2 inches taller. i love u just the same at this height hehehehe.

huggs, miss ur writing too gurl!

8:24 AM  
Blogger 4 TR4P PR1NC3SS said...

Hwaa.... you are back!! You don't know how sengsara I've been without you blogging. Tee Hee Hee

9:33 AM  
Blogger Maya said...


You two are a hoot! Enjoyed too know hanging around ppl like you is good for oldies like me - absorb your youthful energy and make myself younger..and yes you can have some of my old recycled 'wisdom' anytime! Seeya soon my dear :)

8:07 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

so when are we meeting? Your place or mine (hehe.. ayat mengorat!)

i will be attending your BBQ party. You said the michaels who are learning how to rock will be there? I'll bring ikan.

noha the chomel,
oh, tambah one more. Ali hates it when suppliers dont acknowledge his impotency. Haw haw haw...

not easy your request. But i will try my best not to grow the extra inches, okay?

jom labak with me!
*big grin*

12:07 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

we actually discussed among ourselves how not 'oldie' you look! You cant possibly be older than 40 looking like THAT! I almost wanna address myself as Kak Oody, hehee... But you sure have the wisdom of a 200 year old.

and such warmth! Oh, i shouldnt elaborate. Have been saving it all for the next posting (if i dare).

*bear hugss*

12:14 AM  
Blogger Uja said...

This is hilarious!

Lu mau labak dengan gua tak Ood? :)Gua mau naik KL pakai itu Macdonald punya ear-ring!

7:22 AM  

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