Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chicken Pops

I first saw chicken pox / cengkering / campak i think, back in 1979. Both my father and sister got it. Bad. They had spots all over, and they looked absolutely hideous! Mak protected me against it by making sure i never come into contact with them , not even to tread on their path. She dragged me by the collar to RSAT and demanded that i was given vaccination against it. But alas, it was 1979, vaccination for campak was only introduced in mid 1980s. But thanks to Mak's strict quarantine program, i was spared from the disease. I managed to evade the childhood disease until 3 days ago.

Dot had it two weeks ago and Yamtuan played nurse throughout her isolation. Hers was very mild, maybe about 20 spots and no fever at all. Apart from the itchiness, it didnt bother her at all.

On new year's eve, a spot appeared on Sun's shoulder. The next day about five more spots appeared and the GP confirmed that Sun has the chicky pops too. No fever.

On new year's eve, i had a slight temperature and felt so very lethargic. The next day, body aching all over, i have hundreds of thousands of millions of chicky pops all over me! They were everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE! Think of the scars! How to wear micro-skirt and baju-tunjuk-pusat after this, i ask you?

Moral of the story is, get childhood diseases in your childhood.

Want a hug, anyone?


Blogger Lys said...

OOhhhh my poor Ood,

No worries, tepek byk2 camomile lotion and DO NOT SCRATCH. Scratching is the culprit for scars. You'll be in your mini skirt and baju tunjuk pusat soon.

>:)< [giving you a BIG hug]. Love ya... take care, drink plenty of water and rest well...

9:55 PM  
Anonymous kna said...


I am glad I tak penah kena chicken pox. Campak adalah kena masa muda belia dulu.

If you want to continue wearing mini micro and baby T, jangan garu bila gatal :-P.


11:08 PM  
Blogger drbubbles said...

Get daun bambu. letak bawah tilam. Not that buluh lemang.I also dunno how they come up with name whereas the tree and the leaves never ever resembles buluh betong.

tapi orang india selalu tanam pokok ni...dulu pun dalam filem tamil, sivaji selalu sembunyi belakang pokok tu walaupun hakikatnya pokok tu kurus tidak mampu menyembunyikan badan sivaji yang sehat itu...

hehe..i dah kena masa umur 5 tahun. Sampai sekarang ada satu parut tak hilang dekat lengan...

6:34 AM  
Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ppl said you will kena chicken pox twice in yr lifetime only...

Despite my mother's protection (with her being org sepital) the ayam disease strikes me twice once masa aku darjah satu...once masa aku sekolah menengah. So I thought, when I survived the form 4 cacar ayam..that is it. Maka, lepas tu, aku mcm konfident nya..berdekat-dekat dgn pesakit pesakit ayam yang lain, knowing that it will never strike me again.

2006, aku balik Msia beraya. My nephew kena chicken pox..while org lain tak nak dekat dia, aku macam kebal pretend like nothing is ever going to happen to me.

And once I arrived UK, 3 days after..habis bertompok muka, badan and anything the cacar ayam can think of.Waduhhh!!! Kat situ-situ pun dia tumbuh taw..

Like others said, jgn digaru.But I wish you all the luck in the world.If you can fight the urge of're the Queen!!!

Get well soon.

Yang Benar,
Si Tompok

8:33 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

thing is being pregnant means i have more surface area for the chicky to poop on. Some nights i swear i could hear the virus laugh fo such vast land to teroka.


Hugg u back!

errr... u want sum virus? Gimme your address and i will mail over some. Tak rasa tak tau beb, THRILL. Teringin nak jadi Si Huduh Dari Gua Hantu like me?
Kita boleh bukak kelab!

i thought daum bambu untuk halau hantu? Bambu semambu neem tu?
Umoq 5 tahun sampai sekarang umoq u 45 still parut tak hilang? Aisey... So saya sekarang 25 (blink blink), kena tunggu 40 years, 65 nanti pon itu parut ibu dia tak hilang? Owwwh.... maknanya umur 65 nanti pon belum tentu boleh jadi calendar girl semula? Aiyoyo sivaji!!

8:42 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Si Tompok,

virus pandai mutate kan. dia tukar sikit je, cukup lah. Makanya, toksahkan kata 2 kali, berapa-berapa kali pon boleh. Hari ni ayam serama, esok ayam denak, lusa ayam daging, ayam turki, ayam ipoh, ayam hotel batu pahat....

masih ada tompok?


Si Burok

8:51 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

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8:52 PM  

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