Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, I was at the parliament yesterday. Yes, yesterday when there were groups of demonstrators and FRUs and reporters and what-have-you. I was there NOT as an angry rakyat but to attend a meeting.

I attended the parliament assembly last month too.

Being at parliament twice in two months is probably a better attendance than some/most Wakil Rakyat, don’t you think? And for having such a sparkling attendance record, I qualify as a YB don’t you think?

Rakyat sakalian,
As I look out the window to see the angry faces of the demonstrators, stern faces of the policemen and grim faces of the likes of Lim Kit Siang and Kayveas, I wondered how indeed can a common rakyat voice their unhappinessto the ruling government. It is not like there is no proper channel for it. Rakyats have their elected representatives to the parliament. The MPs are put there at the parliament for a reason, to represent the rakyat kan?

What I saw at the parliament last month was more than just a bit disappointing.

First, the Dewan was almost empty. And i was told, that that was common.

Two, the VIP longe was almost full. MPs were eating, reading newspaper, chit-chatting etc.

Third, conduct in the Dewan is not-more-not-less than one I would expect at Kedai Kopi. Ok I kasi up sikit, at Starbucks. Especially when the Opposition member takes the mic, he will be boo-ed and jeer-ed – so much so that I couldn’t hear a thing he said. My simple brain understands that he is there because the people in his area trust him. He is not there to represent his party, he is there to be the voice of his people. Shouldn’t at least, THAT be respected? Let him talk. Whether other MPs agree to him or not, is up to an intellectual and just debate. But let him talk lah, haiya. And the thing is that, as most other MPs (doesn’t matter from what party), they do have their point, they do make sense – once in a while.

And so if, Wakil Rakyats are either (1) too busy doing other things and cant attend parliament (2) committed, attends meeting but not able to talk – nobody would listen (3) attends meeting only for those great triple-decker sandwiches served at the lounge – how will the rakyat ever be able to send messages to the ruling government of their happiness and unhappiness?

Yesterday, the attendance was awesome, BECAUSE they had to vote whether pension-age of the SPR boss is to be 65 or 66. Having to put their votes means there will be a record of attendance and of having paid attention, therefore the Dewan was full.

And everybody was so friendly and nice. Rare. Err, it cant be because pilinhanraya is near and they want my vote, kan?

One Menteri came to me and very cordially asked, ‘Apa sudah jadi?’ pointing to my stomach. Well, I could have answered the truth, that I ate too much, but instead I answered, ‘kami sama-sama muda, kami terlanjur’. And he stammered on, ‘anak pertama?’. When I answered, ‘Ketiga, Datuk Seri,’, he said, ‘Oh, suami kerja kerajaan, ya?’.

Can somebody explain to me why? What is the relevance of ‘suami kerja gamen’ with ‘having a third child’?

And if I am unhappy that pegawai kerajaan ada 3 anak, can I hold a placard that says, ‘Hak Pekerja Swasta Untuk Beranak Tiga’ and go terbalikkan a few cars too? I know my Wakil Rakyat wont tell the parliament that for me. She has more than 3 kids and she serves the Government!


Blogger Angah said...

ooohh.. hahahaha.. so lawak you!!

11:47 PM  
Blogger JoKontan said...


1. Did I miss the 2nd part of Phantom at the Opis ?

2. How I wish I have your talent to answer similarly whenever face with Orang-orang Berpangkat Besar nii (as oppose to orang-orang besar)

"Jo, please explain why your delivery is late again ?!."

"Dato' Seri,. we are late because of our wiremen are young and terlanjur"
staring at him with a blank poker face.

Sohih kena buang kerja..


4:55 AM  
Blogger MA & Brood said...

‘kami sama-sama muda, kami terlanjur’. <--- PRICELESS !

Hahaha...I guess bab his "laki keje gamen" is bcos he is so taken aback to think of something clever to say.

Sapalah Datok Seri yang malang itu...care to share?

7:31 AM  
Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

you forgot that bit before 'kami sama-sama muda and terlanjur...'
'in love' ala-ala Sila Majit punya connotation

1:49 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

the menteri is the temulawak!

jo bro,
Boy: sayang honey laling bon-bon, kenapa you tergamak report HR pasal my threats. You know i was just being cute by being psycho..

Girl: sayang babe sugar bun bun, bukan i yang nak report, OOD yang suruh. Bukan i. Why dont we send hell her way?

Background music: paluan kompang dan ambulan siren.


Dato Seri: Kenapa delivery date late?
Ood: Sebab belum dilate fully, dato' seri.

Pon sohih kena buang kerja.

ma & brood,
hint: Reach for the sky, marriages can wait.


hjh esah jolie,
i was quoting silamajid la tu, tapi tak ingat full script. Hehe..
You know or not that silamajid is 1 inch taller than me?

2:11 AM  
Blogger Theta said...

I think probably the Menteri thinks you look familiar, a wife of someone (gomen) that he knows and before engaging in anymore banter wants to make sure he doesn't cross his line :D

Else, it's a standard question all Menteri ask - part of their YB protocol manual! LOL!

2:23 AM  
Blogger drbubbles said...

hahaha..allow me to use that 'terlanjur' in my daily conversation please. Bagi terbeliak mata sikit!

5:35 AM  
Anonymous KNA said...


I admire your witticism :-).

Was that particular DS the Ruffian Thuggish Nazri Aziz?



11:08 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Bro kna,

nope, not him.
Hint: the sky the limit, everything else even marriages, can jolly well wait.


2:38 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

Dr Bubbles,

sure can but just dont pull the act around the parents - yours and hers, kusemangat....

haha, talk about their mesra-protocol, i think it is a rare trait for a politician to ask questions and able to sound sincere. Bill Clinton has the talent. Like he really cares.

I dont think the DS gives a hoot as to why my stomach is pointy - of course he doesnt. And it was so very obvious. So why give a real answer when answers dont matter. Kan?

2:43 AM  

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