Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phantom at the Opis

Typical boy-meets-girls story in the beginning.

Girl saw Boy and her heart went extra fast in its lub-dup-lub-dup. He must have heard the racket it made for he responded by asking her out for a drink. But, instead of meeting him for an ‘innocent’ cuppa at the cafeteria downstairs, they went out like a real date.

One date led to a second date. And plenty of text messages in between.

Others started to notice her glow. And Boy stayed back at the office even when there was no apparent need for him to do so.

One day, Boy asked her out for a third date. She wanted to, but she couldn’t. There were too many things to do and she had to go outstation the next day so she really couldn’t do coffee.

Oh, that upset him. Bad.

To her surprise, he started to send her nasty messages – calling her names. She didn’t know how to reply to such sms-es so she kept quiet.

Then, to her horror, the nastiness got worse. He sent her threatening messages. He signed off as The Devil and promised her that he would make sure that hell would be coming her way. That he would destroy everything that was dear to her. He would dial her number non stop for 200 times at one go. The fact that she didn’t answer, spurred him to dial again and again, and further fuelled his anger.

All this happened in the span of 3 weeks. Heavenly for 2 weeks and hellish in the third week.

Girl came to me crying and showing me all the wonderful messages. It actually shook me. Memories of the past came back. The whole situation was a bit too familiar for comfort.

And I told her what I wished someone would tell me back then.

That she must take action. This is a no-joke matter. He’s a sick sick person and he needs professional help. She needs protection from him. Being the sick person that he is, no one can really gauge what he will do next. You can pacify him by saying sorry, go out with him again, and then what? It doesn’t seem to take much to set him off. He treats you wonderfully one minute, he makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. But once he is angry - and the reasons are often unpredicatable, he makes you feel like you are 7 feet under. Yo-yo life. Up and down and up and down. Extreme high then extreme low.

You read in the newspaper about some body found in a dumpster, or someone slashed to death by someone who loved her tooooo much. Someone who couldn’t bear to see her even talk to another man. Someone who would be jealous of her every time she wasn’t within sight. Yes, he killed her but he only killed her out of love. And he believed his line too.

I told this girl, to stop weeping. Instead, do something about it. Report to the management. Make a police report too. Stay away from him. Do something, before it gets too late. Be careful. Watch your back. And learn some lessons from this. I told her that i would walk her to her car everyday if needs be, i will chicken-chop the guy if it has to come to that (Yamtuan kata, awak kecik aje, sedor le diri... hehe, but you see, no one, and i mean NO ONE messes with my friends. Remember my severe warning?)

The whole thing reminded me of a story that a dear friend told me. It was about her sister.

His fiancé was extremely jealous of her. He was abusive and even had the audacity to blame her for the abuse too. ‘I hit you because you made me’ – you know, that kind of stuff. One day she told him that she had had enough. He made her go in his car and drove her down to her or his kampong, I cant remember. He wanted her to tell the parents. It must have been ugly in the car, they must have fought, he must have lost concentration in his driving, so much so that the car crashed. He survived it but she died. She was crying when she died.

This friend met me here - in the blogosphere. It is by sheer coincidence that my name is like that of her sister. And this friend said, I look a lot like her sister too. The fact that I have experienced something like her sister - milder though, was of no surprise. But at least my story ended better. I came out of the drama, maybe not as whole as I’d like to think, but I survived it.
And I found Yamtuan. He kicks ass better than i do. Together, him and me, we keep the country safe. Mwahaha...

My friend at the office, she's a pretty 36-year-old and has a daughter. Know anyone that's looking for a life partner to match-make with her?


Blogger Lys said...

Kesian your friend, is her problem solve?? It was a good of you to give her such advice. If she were my friend, I would act the same way. Tell her to stay strong, God is with her.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous kna said...


Yes, report to the management and the police. Management might be able to do something. I doubt the police can really do anything unless your friend is a VIP and a celebrity (Case in point is Cosmonaut Kapten Faiz). Sekejap jer dapat tangkap perampok.

Perhap the brave Ood should have a talk with the psycho too :-).


12:09 AM  
Anonymous anasalwa said...

That showed how immatured the guy was. She should take it seriously when that son of a jackass started to threaten her, and crying wasn't the answer.
Hope she stays strong.

3:42 AM  
Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ehemmm...kat opis I ramai org putih bujang terlajak and tak laku...your friend mau ke? (Tapikan..I pun tak lalu kat diorang, ni kan pulak nak kasi introduce kat yr fren...camno ni, QC tak lepas?)

2:58 PM  
Anonymous bday boy said...

your last2 paragraph sounds like lagu 'Stan" from Eminem. kekekekeke.

6:10 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

people oh people,

after all the dramas, taking her to see HR lah and then Motorola (to print the sms-es) lah and the bosses lah, she confessed to me that she REALLY digs this guy. you know what they say - the strong feelings make her feel weak? she wrote a letter to HR saying that he is forgiven and so no action is necessary.

And so, disappointed, i dowan to kepochi anymore. For all i know he is one day gonna be her hubby and i will have to buy them wedding gifts! hah! Matching-My-face!

today, my boss went ofis and found them there - on a sunday, mind you. And so boss sms-ed me, sapa mangsa sapa pemangsa sebenaqnya? hehe, shame shame me.

tobat, chek tak nak campoq dah.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Ood,

is that the current develoment?.. If i were you i'd be sooo geram, that if she'd ever come to me again for help, i'd laugh at her.. kejam kan i ni...

1:58 AM  

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