Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ikhlas - Jauh ke dekat ke....

I think ‘sincerity’, ‘ikhlas’ is a wonderful wonderful gift. Next to love, or maybe equivalent to love, sincerity is perhaps God’s best gifts to us.

Things are made easier, burdens feel lighter, and time feels shorter all when you are sincere.

On the way back from office yesterday, walking to the monorel station with a colleague, she asked me whether I find the journey to and from office difficult.

Well, I do find it difficult, but not that difficult.

True, the journey usually means having to be on my feet, standing and walking, one and a half hours to work and at least one hour for the journey home. While my knees and back often do need rubs at night, I honestly don’t mind it much. Maybe because I am only 20 weeks pregnant. Maybe as I get bigger, it will be more difficult. But for now, I am actually fine with it.

Because going to the office on my own means, the kids can wake up a little bit later, and it means I help the family save on fuel money, and I spare Yamtuan from having to drive through the horrendous traffic to Bukit Bintang. For all that, my steps become so much lighter and the loads I am carrying on my back (laptop, purse, books) and my front (baby, loads of fat, water) feel very much manageable. Because I genuinely am happy helping the family out in that leeetle way, I reach the office in a jovial mood and reach home later that day tired and aching as I may be, but happy still.

It doesn’t just apply to me going to-fro work.

I believe it applies to everything that we do - sending the kids to school, cooking, solat, balik kampong, taking care of sick parents, mending husband’s shirt, cleaning up after the kids, puasa – anything, everything.

I remember in one of AuntyN’s entry, she wrote about ironing her husband’s shirts. That she takes it as a privilege to iron his shirts. Not a chore. Definitely not a burden.

Tak ikhlas, jangan buat. You think people cant tell that you are not sincere? You can easily tell if someone hates their job by the half-hearted services they give you. You can tell one sincere smile from the other.

Kalau ikhlas ke tak ikhlas ke, kena buat jugak, then wouldn’t it make your life so much more pleasant if you try to be sincere anyhow? Like it or not, you still have to do it. You can do it grudgingly and be miserable and cause others to be miserable too, or you can try to like it and be happy. Whatever ‘it’ is.

I believe in whatever one does, if one is sincere and take pride in it, the output will be better too.

I am sincere in carrying the bulge. Sun sincerely wants the baby-in-the-bulge to have stickers. So I now have two stickers on my belly. One is Luigi and the other Van Fillmore – you know, characters from CARS the movie? And so proudly I have been walking around with cars on my belly. Sun happy, I happy.

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Blogger Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ood, once upon a time, I ikhlas chenta kan raja Nazrin...but apasal bila dia kawin dgn pompuan rupa wan Leha tu, hati i rasa cam koyak rabak hah? Pulak tu ada perasaan nak amuk and kapal kepala org pulak tu...

9:05 AM  
Blogger Theta said...

It is one thing to be sincere in everything you do, but another if the other party takes for granted what you do for him/her.

If the other party doesn't appreciate what you have done for him/her, then sincerity might carry a sour note before transforming into complete bitterness.

But nonetheless, as long the niat is sincere, insyaAllah the final, final outcome would always be good, even though we might not see it clearly now.

9:35 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

Hjh Esah Jolie,
hehe... so funny you. But i am not taking light of this serious confession of yours. You remember the Little Mermaid story? The Prince was actually in love with the mermaid but he was blur of it, as expected of men, prince or not. So he married someone else and the mermaid turned into hampagas.

Jangan mengaruk ok? it is HIS loss, not yours. And try not to be a hampagas.

btw, i thought he looks like Mr Bean. Tak ke?

agree wholeheartedly.
Without revealing too much, let's just say, sometimes i do sit down and wonder whether things are being taken for granted. But i stick to my niat and that helps a LOT.
i try to live easy, theta. Although that can be difficult.

4:59 PM  

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