Monday, September 05, 2005

The Phlegm ~ DAY 3

Bed 3/3, Sang Kancil Ward.

The Sun, the thambi, responds very well to treatment. Lungs sound better. Still wheezing - i know now how it sounds like, coughing and phlegmy (Dr says this is to be expected, the medications have loosened the phlegm from the lungs). Sun is producing pastille-like (texture and size) green snot. If the doctor insists this is good, then I take it that this IS good. Dr P.Mary says that the coughing will remain perhaps weeks after the lungs have been cleared of the phlegm, but that is okay too.

Little Sun Yat Sen seems so much better. He approves of the fish porridge and leaves no traces of fish DNA on the bowl. He is alert and happy again. He plays a lot and offers gurgles and hugs to pretty nurses (itchy!!).

They have taken off the IV drip because it has clogged up with blood clots. But because his condition has improved a lot, he will not be required to take the drips again. He’ll be given antibiotics syrup instead. Good.

He is given physiotherapy after lunch. They call it ‘do the percussion’. Ahah, will tell Yamtuan that not only will thambi be bionic and van-dammey, he will also be Steve Thornton… the boy of many potentials indeed!

Another nebuliser and Dr Mary says he is free to go. Yeah babe!


Blogger Maya said...

OOD! Next time, first gaspy, phelgmy breath you better take Sun to doc, OK? I am sure you are making light of the could have been serious. Lucky for you, you didnt meet my doc kid...his wry wit and burning sarcasm would have shamed you. Fortunately, being his mom I am immune to his kind words. Heh.

I have a Nana ritual - the moment he has even a slight runny nose, I drag him againt my ears, turn him around like dosai and listen intently to his chest, every fours hours or so. Maybe you shd do that too. CLose calls are scary. For more pointers on rearing healthy boys call XXXXX :)

12:50 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Yes, listen to Maya. She knows, and has all those healthy, beautiful boys as proof! I am a bit scared of the doctor one tho..he may come poking my veins one of these days, if I am not least that's what I hear! haha!

2:23 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

heard about ur worrisome predicament fr the kedai kopi. am glad things are improving.

my prayers are with you. it's always heartwrenching when the lil ones get sick. u hang in there huh?

4:38 PM  

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