Monday, September 05, 2005

The Phlegm ~ DAY 2

Bed 3/3, Sang Kancil Ward.

‘How long has he been wheezing?’ asks Doctor P.Mary.
‘Huh? Ummm?’ Mother M.Maria ponders (wheezing? Wheez-wheez? Whiz-whiz?).
And ponders.
And looks up for Divine help. Feet shuffling shuffling.
‘two weeks intermittently? Always?’ Dr. P.Mary
‘you know, I don’t quite know how ‘wheezing’ sounds like.’ Mthr M.Maria (Shame! Shame!).
‘chesty, wet, phlegmy’ Dr.P.Mary (what an ubelivably stooooopid mom! And I thought I have seen them all! Doesnt know wheezing! Sheesh..).
‘oh, like that I know! Ok. 2 weeks lah. Except he was still active, feeding and playing in the first week. In the second week, he became very listless.’ MMM.
‘you bring him in at just the right time. If you were to wait just another day, the infection would have spread to the whole lungs. And then it would be very very bad. We will try to contain the infection first and then we treat. See this spot (point point to Sun's chest x-ray)? This is where it is infected.’
'Some of the fine fine broncheols are totally clogged up with phlegm. We will give him antibiotics by the drip 8-hourly, give him nebulisers 4-hourly, nasal spray and cough mixture. After two days we will see how he responds to the treatment. If the lungs remain cloggy, we’ll use steroids’ DPM (I don’t think this bimbo understands, maybe if I speak slowerrrr...)
‘ok’ MMM.

Later. With Yamtuan.

‘You know, Sun will be very van-damme and olympics-gold-medal material.’ MMM
‘oh ya? Of course he will be. Why?’ Yamtuan
‘he will be on STEEEEEROIDS.’ MMM
‘ok. So long as they don’t do doping tests on him he’ll bring home medals ya?’ Yamtuan.
‘I am so proud of him already’ MMM
‘should we make him bionic too?’ Yamtuan.
‘can! We buy insurance first okay?’



Blogger Ely said...

I guess the spammer got here before i did eh oody!

i hope that ur son is feeling better each day. insyaAllah.

my doas to the little one and mother maria hehe.


9:33 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

glad to hear that son is fine and well and on the way to winning Olympics Medals!!

6:48 PM  

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