Thursday, June 09, 2005


Where is the darn thing?

I used to have one huge glob of grey matter in my kepalahotak. When I was younger, my head was swollen with having such a big brain. I had so much of it that it would sometimes come out from the nose and ears (Gross!). To sit for exams I would only read my notes at the most twice. Three times I would be bored. During lessons I did not even take down notes. Had no time for it, I was more engrossed in listening to the new stuff to be bothered with writing them down. Ahhhh... the good old days when I still had brains.

Now, my head has shrunk considerably smaller and it feels lighter too. Sometimes I think what I have upstairs is just vast empty space. Vacuum. RAM the size of baby peanuts.

Today I forgot to bring my purse. I only have RM9 in my pocket (thank God), which I will use RM3 for the train fare later today. That leaves me RM6 only to lunch. Okay. If only my office has a canteen like that of a school ~ with 50 cents can buy a plate of mee kosong (or mee bodoh as I used to call it) and a small guppy plastic glass of sirap.

And I forgot to bring the keys to my office too. So this morning I had to go to the maintenance office and get the boys to help open my door.

Yamtuan doesn’t know that on more than one occasions I have almost burnt the kitchen. Eggs have exploded, rice has turned to charcoal, and pots and pans have been cremated. May they retire in peace. Sometimes I would remember to remove the pots and pans from the fire but forgot to turn the fire out so the gas would be wasted away. Every time we leave the house, I would be beside myself with worry; whether I have left anything on the stove or if the iron is still on. Whenever we reach home, I would look at it the first possible second and be really glad that the apartment was still there, not burnt down.

Too many times I would go into one room to get something and could not remember what it was. And then I had to sit down and think. Sometimes I would peel onions and garlic, crush ginger and then had to sit and think what it was that I planned to cook. Everyday i would have to remind myself that the two makhluk bersaiz halus in the house are my children. 'What is your name again, kid? Wear nametag can?'

When my memory fails me, my system just goes ‘hang’. I don’t go blur, I hang, yes. More often than not, Yamtuan has to reboot me. Painful!

What is my memory size I wonder, it must be a lot of GBs? I have probably used up most of the space with junk. I can’t seem to remember things that matter. Junks I have lotsa.

Sudirman’s Toyol (kepala botak matanya terbeliak, giginya bertaring merata-rata) and Sudirman’s Maya (sayangku maya, tak pernah ku lupa padamu, kau comel kau manja temanku, selalu kita bersama),
Filofat and Fatafil (matchstick cartoon character, no dialogue),
the Man from Atlantis,
Combat’s Vic Morrow,
Mona Gersang,
Boney M’s movie ‘it’s a holy holiday’,
the movie Champ starring Faye Dunaway,
Kak N-Abg Ghani-Cik Bad-Cik Tam of Cumi & Ciki,
Adam Ahmad (my first crush… ),
Tom Howell,
Santokh Singh,
The Electric Company,
High Chapparal,
Eight is Enough,
Who used what shampoo/cleanser/soap back in school,
Boyfriend No.1, 2, 3…..∞,
etc etc… tell me how all these junk are going to be of use to me? Clutter my brain only! I cant delete them though.

Maybe i should load myself with ginko biloba, it is reputed to help boost the brain. Maybe i should change my life theme from that of sitcom to perhaps horror or drama. Someone told me that too much laughing makes you forgetful. Maybe that's why.

But then again, my head is empty, it's light, makes me giddy, makes me laugh like hyena. How?


Blogger hana_kirana said...

HAHAHA.... errr... takkanla that bad? Paling teruk, your kids kena pakai nametag! Ayyoohhh.... Kalau nak, let me find ayat Quran yang boleh kuatkan ingatan. Kalau tak pun tanya Tuan Syeikh (Riza). Biasanya dia tahu. Tapik dia tu pun ada short-memory problem. (kutuk sket).

11:06 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

OOD, be thankful that when u came back after 10 days of cuti tanpa gaji, yous till know how to find your way backto yr blog and remember the password. kak teh satu botol ginko pun masih tak ingat. I have too many passwords at school, university, workplace, home...Tu takkira ATM machine..sampai depan machine lupa pin number!

11:47 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

hana kirana who?
kak teh who?

12:02 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

you so funny!

they say, banyak gelak pun senang lupa..banyak ehemm-ehemmm pun senang lupa jugak! So which one is it now?

As for your junk, I'm sure some of us would like to be "educated" on the MOna Gersang thingy, Atenah especially?

12:13 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

banyak gelak = senang lupa
banyak 2(ehem) = senang lupa
therefore, banyak gelak-gelak while banyak ehem-ehem = senang lupa

er, what is ehem-ehem again? lupa sebab dok tergelak banyak sangat.

1:06 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

For those of you who have forgotten how to ehemmm or miss reading the great literature of Mona Gersang the Weathergirl,
there are two ways to ehemmm ehemmm, the Mona way or the Gersang way. Let me explain in graphic details.

When you mona, *tut tut tut* and end up coughing then u *tut tut tut*

when you gersang, you *tut tut tut* *tut tut tut* *tut tut tut*

let's hope the blog police wont sensor my very graphic details.

1:35 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

If I read OOD correctly,

ehem-ehem = tut tut tut

ps. buku tu ada lagi dak OOD? Mai pinjam sat nak study sikit? I dah ingat-ingat lupa!

2:44 AM  
Blogger MassyLassy said...

Iskh! I so can relate to the forgetfullness! Like you, I will thought about it and about to go and get it then suddenly, the brain just switch off! Then kena ingat betul-betul, "apa yang nak aku ambik eh?" or even asking myself, "why am I in the kitchen?" Retract again my steps - rewind balik baru ingat! Dahsyat no?!! Kita pun suka gelak-gelak tak henti-henti! Cam mana no??!!!

Hana_kirana! Tolong kita!!!

5:11 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

hai cik OOD. is it because of the air sabun that u recommended me sebab tuh u jadi pelupa kah?

6:35 AM  
Blogger atenah said...

the entry is funny but the comments are even so, kita ni mmg satu kapla la

woit anedra, hang kenen aku noo

honestly, OOD, i was just thinking of the same thing (& was considering blogging abt it) yes i still have the memory of one episode of Combat with Vic Morrow where the girl went to pick daisies and she was blown up with a periuk api.....laaaaa why is the memory still there HA HA HA

11:28 AM  
Blogger anasalwa said...

Is forgetting your boss's name as bad as forgetting your kids' names?
Last Thursday, my boss stopped at the door of my office:
"Godd morning are you? this morning?"
"Good morning.....eeerr...aacchhooommm(fake sneezed because I couldn't remember her name.}
goodlord....all these times I thought it was gingko bebola....

2:56 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

good monday morning people!

yesterday i cooked kepala ikan masak asam pedas with pickled sawi. Yum yum. Lunch all was well. For dinner, i perangat lauk and lupa, went black.. sob, sob. So we had nasi + kicap + telur goreng je.

hana, must give the ayat very soon.

massylassy & anasalwa, my worst lupa is.. lupa nak flush toilet. Kena tarik telinga by Yamtuan masuk toilet semula! MALU!

Atenah, cannot erase vic morrow out my mind osso. And combat, i tell you, all tebabo here tebabo there... ganas, must have influence me so in a deep psychological mess, i must be so traumatised by the daisy episode too. That is why i flunked add maths. Must be.

the book i curi baca my auntie's. Cant jolly well go ask her for it now, can i? As itching to do revision as i may be.

as in anything good in life, too much of it can be bad. Go easy on the air sabun, you. Ok?

7:34 PM  
Blogger AuntyN said...

Punya dok gelak sampailupa nak komen. Ni apa ni ada kamus baru ka? ehem, ehem = tut. tut tut. Macam2. Lupa konon OOD ni, yang dok pi blog kita dok peringat kita dok blog tu kategori apa tu,? :-)

2:28 AM  

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