Thursday, May 26, 2005


KL Sentral to the Station-where-I-would-be-met-by-Yamtuan.

I was minding my own business. Overheard a couple of girls talking,
He said he doesn’t love me anymore and he wants to move on. What do you think he REALLY means?’ (Duh?)
It is so typical of us girls to always look for hidden messages, trying to read too much into the lines. Maybe he just meant what he said. You move on too, girl.

There was one time when I was given a ride home by a colleague so I reached the house before Yamtuan and the children. We were planning to go out so Yamtuan said he would just wait for me outside. I got pretty excited because it would be almost like a date in the sense that he wouldn’t know what I would wear, how I would look. (Now that I think back, it does sound very juvenile, downright stupid.) So I went through the wardrobe looking for something that I haven’t worn for quite some time, a surprise I thought. I found this long, cotton, sleeveless, wide-necked dress, very east-india or somerset bay type. To my pleasant surprise, it fit still. I put on a denim jacket over it to hide my shoulders. Put on a bit of colours on my face. And waited for Yamtuan.

His first reaction was, ‘baju apa (or siapa) mini pakai ni?’ (he calls me ‘mini’ short for ‘miniature bini’).
He had a frown on his face. In my mind, I read his reaction as ‘tak cantik’ and I was hurt as well as disappointed. I wanted so much to sort of romance him. I had nothing new and nothing pretty to wear, so I thought something old that he once liked would be just as pleasant as a surprise. He had forgotten that the dress was even mine. And so I sulked.
Without going through the details, let’s just say that in the end, I found out that Yamtuan meant just what he said, what was I wearing, nothing between the lines (or so he insisted). Trust me to make a whip cream out of plain milk!

Back to the train.

And my phone rang. It was Yamtuan.

‘Mini kat mana?’
‘Stesen Berikutnya.’ I answered.
‘Stesen mana?’
‘Stesen RMKL’ hehe
‘betul-betulah! Kita dah berakar tunggu dia. Cepatlah! Kenapa lambat sangat!’ wo… marah! But Yamtuan, contrary to popular folklore, i DO NOT 'drive' the train.

And the reason for my being late is all those other commuters! I will tell you why.

Everytime a train reaches a station, any station, the waiting commuters will push and shove and fight teeth and nails to get into the train before even the passengers inside can get out. Even when the train is empty as wasteland and one can get maybe half a coach all to himself, they must STILL fight to get in. This I cannot comprehend. This is not a fully automated train, you have locomotive pilots with huge side mirror. The pilots can very well see you and they won’t close the door while you are in the middle of it trying to get in. And it is not like the most punctual of trains. 15 minutes delay is common. He can wait an extra a few seconds for you to come in-go out. There really is no need to scratch anybody’s eyes out, one would think!

In such situation, I usually would play ‘galah panjang’ with them, just to annoy them a bit. This takes a few seconds, maybe at most a minute.

One reason why I missed the earlier train.

And then the escalators. If you are not in a hurry, stand on the left. Let the right side be a smooth flow for harried commuters. I need to hurry to catch another train, sometimes I can even see it on the other platform. But I am stuck on the escalators. I do sometimes nudge them, berdiri belah kiri encik. But sometimes they would say, ‘nak cepat ikut tangga biasa lah’. Hello, if I walk on the escalator it will be so much faster isn’t it? Friends MUST stand side by side, couples MUST be touch-feely side by side (oh, get a room or let me through!)… hayo, I call that hogging. Don’t hog the escalators. It is bad manners!

Another reason why I missed the earlier train. And so I was late. No sir, not my fault.


Blogger Kak Teh said...

wah...OOD di sini, memang rule nya stand on the right. Tapi yang kak teh marah, when they get to the top of the escalator, berdiri situ tengok store directory. Kalau silap haribulan, orang belakang semua jatuh!

11:17 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

kak teh,
when i was there dulu, i notice even berjalan2 lepak2 rewang2 kat bandar pon ada adab sopannya. You walk slow or you kenderaan berat you walk on one side. The other side for overtaking.

Kat sini bukan takde the rule kak teh, ada signboard pon ajar, tapi entah lah orang tak practice simple manners. So much for our celebrated budi bahasa timur! i get heartburn (pasai asek hangat hati).

12:03 AM  
Anonymous rotidua said...

agree with you. We are victims of circumstances..that's why we always late. heh heh

12:37 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

ood, u r so funny i am laughing till my stomache hurts. gelak kuda punya kelakar.

u belum cuba sukan berlumba chop tempat duduk, atau lumba terkam free gift, atau great singapore sale monsters.

keep up the funny bones!

1:35 AM  
Blogger hana_kirana said...

Err... pompuan selalu gitu kot, selalu cari maksud tersirat pada mesej yang terang lagi nyata... :)

Garangnye, your Yamtuan! :D

Lerr... dulu, masa selalu guna LRT and commuters, I just yelled at orang2-yang-not-in-hurry-tapi-tak-reti2-nak-berdiri-di-sebelah-kiri.


6:25 AM  
Blogger atenah said...

waaah YamTuan sounds so macho he he he

2:18 PM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

atenah ni nak kena kawin ni....sapa pun dia nampak macho ni...

8:16 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

i have decided that nothing is ever my fault! Once that is determined, my life jadi macam twisties life, menjadi-jadi!

Hana & Nazrah (nice names!)
'excuse me' kalau tak jadi, i rempuh je depa. Ella the penyanyi pon once i lentum (dia kecik i berani lah...)

Atenah, YamPuan LAGI macho. (risau lah tu... despite being anak ikan, despite being gay as peacock, i am straight ok..?)

12:33 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

i got here, courtesy of Kak Teh :) ..yup, women are like that. always look for hidden meanings when there actually isnt any. i do that alot, ask my husband 'what do u mean by that' and he goes 'now what did i say wrongly?'. dia kata cantik kita kata dia fikir sebaliknya hehehe. my blog

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

imho, we malaysian kurang adab menghormati peraturan. sbb tu experience naik lrt kat mesia ngan tube kat london sgt jauh bezanya.


5:06 AM  

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