Monday, August 18, 2008


Kelas KPP

My 5-hour theory on driving curriculum was conducted by this huge bald guy. He wasn’t just an ex-military man; he was an ex-commando from Unit Gerak Gempur Tanpa Senjata. How more intimidating can he be? He was loud, with capital letters, bold, italic and underlined. O-boy was he loud! He crept silently and stood in front of one participant who has dozed off, and jumped while yelling outloud, ‘BRAKKKKE!’. The poor guy practically jumped out from his skin. Poor thing. The Cikgu declared the guy to have died because he said, if you couldn’t stay focus for five hours, you would have driven your car underneath a ‘lori babi’ already. You see the horror of the picture he painted? Not only would you be dead, you would be dead crushed underneath many-many-many unassuming pigs. Horror!

There were many youngsters in the class except for me and an Achi. I have learnt from the class that to get a B license, you need to be 16 and above. To get a car license D, you need to be 18 and above. If you are 21, you can apply the license to drive lorry and tractor. I am glad nobody pointed out that for our age, Achi and I should be getting ourselves E,F,G,H or I licenses instead.

Oh and Cikgu Ali said, if our demerit points exceed 15 and our L or P license gets suspended/revoked, can call him. He knows how to deal with JPJ. Awesome.

My exam will be on this coming Friday.

Tuan Nasi Lemak

I just found out that Tuan NL used to work for Perwira Affin Bank. Then he got involved in a bad accident which explains the dent on his forehead – size of a pingpong ball. He was warded at the Intensive Care Unit for 3 months. Now we know why he acts a bit weird kan? Deep within me, there is this slight pang of guilt for thinking him a weirdo. Tak baik berburuk sangka kan.


Blogger Tigress said...


Well on the way to be one-of-us on driver seats, n not mere Tai-Tai, cheauffeur driven (Public Transport pun, kira ber-driven la jugak kan) I see...

The teacher sounds like my kind of guy. The type u need to stand straight n tabik just at the mention of his name. Mwahahaha! Good luck to you soljer. Takpe2.. budak2 size XXXS (4'10"? Watder? N u hv 3 kids? Hehehe...), lepasan umur, dan berkelakuan baik dapat extra credit kut.. Maybe they can slot u guys under the OKU exception, no?

Err... I oso feel guilty for bersangka buruk on TNL. Hang on... No. I take that back. I sangka buruk on u, not him. Kwang3...

9:09 PM  
Blogger JoKontan said...

Madam Ooody,

Being anok airmeng, I thot you'd be familiar with this Unit Gerak Gempur tanpa Senjata.. No Problem there.

Tak banyak, sikit2 701183 Flite Sarjan Mat pun macam tuu gak..


Goood Luck and I'm salivating the day u get ur license. (ikan bakar..)

Boleh kaaan.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Didn't I tell you that there must be a story behind TNL weird behaviour.



7:38 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

cermat, ini kecik-kecik ciliboh tau. After i get my P, i celen you race @ Jalan Raja Laut. Takut tak?

Had my first 3-hour the other day. Cikgu asked me to bring a pillow - kaki tak sampai.

on Tuan NL, :p

Bro Jo son of 701183 Flite Sarjan Mat,

700822 WO1 Achil tak garang pon! Rupa je garang, misai lintang, tapi acah-aje.
psst, nombor lebih kurang lah, satu intake tu.
ikan bakar? Tak hal!

Bro KNA,
ye lah ye lah, dah rasa bersalah dah ni. Rasa macam nak bagi dia 3 keping kad raya.

7:49 AM  

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